sisters are the best…

They share your genes and sometimes your JEANS.

They show you how to color in the lines and read between the lines (when it comes to guys…)

They’ll yank on your hair, but also show you how to braid it.

They will tell on you to Mom, but also defend you against Mom (because we are always right, mmmmkay??) 🙂

They will buy you clothes, but also borrow your clothes.

They will endure the same-outfit-but-different-color shame with you.

They will co-star in home movie musicals with you.

They will paint your nails on your right hand for you.

They will cut your bangs for you, and also show you how to cover up the bald spots.

They will drink with you, and also drive FOR you 🙂

They will laugh with you and cry with you.

In my case, they will slap you, bite you and punch you (all out of love…I swear…)

But in everything, they will love you. Because that’s what sisters do.

Sisters are the best.

hearts and pammie lambie-esque hugs (my arms go on the top always!!),




  1. aww i love it. i seriously could have rewritten that about me and my sister. i might steal your idea and do my version of this for my lil sis 😉

  2. love becca boo and pammie lambie! so glad i got two AMAZING sisters when i married your bro xo

  3. Booter, what a fantastic surprise today! All that slapping, biting and punching really paid off…I’ve whooped you into the best baby sister a girl could EVER have!

    I praise Jesus for you every day because my life would not be so rich without you in it. You get better and better all the time…so I miss you more and more each time I see you! 🙂

    • WHOOOOP there it is….you have to admit we were neck in neck on the tally of “who bit who the most”…and if you count shoe licking??? mauahahahaha!

      love you more and more!! baby girl loves her big sis!! 🙂

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