the sun will come out…tomorrow!

BET…..your bottom dollar….there’ll be SUN! (‘Friends’ reference, anyone??)

Why am I singing this ridiculous Broadway tune? Well, even though the sun IS shining nice and bright today (with temps in the already in the mid-80’s at 9am), I am going to be boarding a plane tomorrow night for vacay, and that thought makes me want to sing out loud and proud about sunshine (and maybe some rainbows) 🙂

First stop is LONDON…then Stockholm, Barcelona, a “pit stop” in France, and then on to Frankfurt where I’ll leave my ‘rents and head back to the good ol’ US of A. It’ll be a whirlwind trip, and I’ll try to update as I go! Pics will all be posted at the end of the trip, so get ready for some epic photo recaps! If you didn’t like seeing pictures of me and my fam making goofy faces before, well, then….you might just want to stop reading this blog now, and spare yourself the impending agony. I’m warning you now, it’s not going to be pretty. There will be Zoolander faces, SURPRISE! faces, creeper faces…and much more. For some reason the Davis/Blanda genetics don’t allow for normalcy. And I LIKE it. 🙂

Check out our route…does anyone else thing it’s a bit….odd?? And pardon my free form pen drawings…apparently you can tell I’ve had a weeee bit too much coffee this morning!!

oh well.

hearts and travelling hugs,




  1. aaaaah so exciting, i’m so jealous! have an amazing time!!!!

  2. have fun sissy! eat a croissant in france pour moi. xo

  3. OOoh I’m SO excited for you!!! Funnily enough tomorrow I am also leaving on vacay! So we’ll both be having fun… although mine will involve living in the dirt and spending every waking moment keeping the baby out of the lake, the fire, and the street. Ok so maybe only you will be having fun. At any rate – have twice as much for me, ok?
    PS. I was singing Annie to my kids tonight! Except it was It’s A Hard Knock Life hahah

    • Haha I will try to have twice as much fun, but I have to say, dirt living and baby fire-proofing still sounds exciting! 🙂 fun is in the eye of the beholder, right? well, unless you have dirt in your eye and you can’t see the fun….nevermind.

      And I totally just pictured a scene out of a musical with you and your kids! It’s you, sitting on a wooden bench with a dress and an apron and a handkerchief in your hair…and there are kids running and screaming around you, and you are just singing away, a big smile on your face! 🙂 too specific?? haha

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