friday favorites…

I remember my childhood, playing in the woods behind our house, scrounging around in the dirt for hidden treasures (smooth pebbles, four-leaf clovers, poison ivy…the usual). I remember the magical aura the forest released. There was something about the way the sun shone through the branches, pieces of light glittering and bouncing off trees, making them come alive and “dance”. The forest has been a mysterious, almost supernatural dwelling for centuries, with books, myths, sagas, and epic tales written around its setting. The Greeks had the goddess Artemis, the huntress and guardian of wildlife. Apollo loved Daphne so much he chased her through the woods, causing her to turn into a laurel tree to escape his advances. Little Red Riding Hood captured the darker side of the forest, entrancing us with a tale of deception and courage, all covered under the umbrella of the trees. Ever wonder why a clearing is so entrancing? Perhaps because it is surrounded by a barricade built by Mother Nature? It lies hidden behind walls of vegetation, oblivious to the world outside of its natural cave.

The forest is dark, yet airy. Peaceful, yet sometimes so full of turmoil. In my own life, it was a fascinating playground by day, a frightening abyss by night.

Today’s treasury walks on the lighter side, showing us that nature and its habitat can be cute and comforting as well. So take a walk through the woods with me, and enjoy these little “treasures” of the forest!


shops showcased (left to right):














happy shopping!

hearts and hugs,



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