30 x 30 equals one good time…

Inspired by my friend Mila over at Lofty Appetite, who garnered the idea from Kendi Everyday, I was challenged to participate in the 30 x 30. What is it? Basically you do the following:

  • take 30 items in your closet
  • make 30 outfits

Seems simple enough, right? Fortunately, the rules are flexible, and I can work them out however I please…the most important thing about the challenge is just to think outside the box, or in this case, the closet, and keep myself from getting into a fashion rut….I mean, we all have our go-to outfits, right? Mine is a black dress, pumps and earrings. I literally have that outfit on hand for those mornings when I wake up and my brain is going, “what the #$@%?” Instead of fighting the raging case of “I-want-to-lay-in-bed-and-wallow”, I throw on the outfit and suddenly the mood’s been lifted. My brain is now saying, “hmmmm….today might not be that bad…” haha.

So, like Mila, I need a plan for the challenge. Since I am not going to be home (or able to post) every day of the 30 days, I’m going to post all pictures at the end…it will be more of a grand finale 30 day challenge…I know it’s supposed to be daily, but I’m thinking it might be cool to see all the outfits at once….you know, really get a chance to make fun of the bad ones, see some of those crazy hair styles….generally just mock me outright….you know 😉

Anyone care to join? It doesn’t matter if you start late…it’s all about the finished product 🙂

happy dressing!

hearts and hugs,




  1. yaaaay!!! i’m so glad you are joining me!!!! (p.s. i like the new header! picasa?)

    • yeah! my challenge is gonna look a bit different due to the travel schedule….but i’ll still post 30 days of outfits! 🙂

      oh, and the header was updated with Picnik! yea!! I LOVE it!

      • awesome!! Ifind something new everyday on there that fascinates me. Google = magic. Yeah I’m travelling right now too and trying to at least remember to take photos. Hopefully i’ll have a chance to post weekly collage (using picasa/picnik, obvi). this challenge may end up in my investing in the picnik membership. what i save in buying clothes will most likely be spent on photo editing, photography lessons, etc… its a vicious spending cycle, it doesnt just stop, it transfers.

    • oooh travelling for fun or work? and yeah, I end up balancing out a LOT of my purchases…so i’m never reallllly saving money! Booooo. haha

      and yes, google DOES equal magic!

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