top 10 things I learned from Disney…

Disney movies have been a prevalent force these past few days. My friends and I may all be in our late 20’s, early 30’s, but that teeny fact pays no mind to our overwhelming love for all things Walt & Co. Friday night, my girlfriends and I donned pajamas, sprawled out in the living room, and proceeded to sing, dance and mimic the voices to Aladdin…the only mention to our ages was the fact that dinner before was paired with white wine sangria, and our movie time snack was Whiskey egg nog….because who says egg nog is only seasonal? Summer is a season too, right? 😉

Sunday Night’s NBA finals party again played into our Disney craze. Since our group is very diverse in how we enjoy sports, we set up 3 watching “stations”. Upstairs was what my friend Jinohn liked to call, “Tier 1”. Tier 1 was the no talk, all game station (this was mostly men…ha). “Tier 2” in the den was considered the “light convo, but mostly game watching” station. More of a mixed crowd, but still slightly boring…:) “Tier 3” was the mother of all stations. Laughing, shouting, squealing, cheering, and commentating were all allowed. Oh, and Disney quoting? Well, that was ESPECIALLY welcome! Our favorite? (modeled after Aladdin) “LeBron, LeBron, he’s our man, if he can’t do it…..GREAT!” Another gem? “Rick em’ rack em’ rock em’ reet…stick that sword into the HEAT!”

Gold mines, I tell ya….gold mines…

So while I may have peed my pants a little from the outrageous goings on (TMI? TM-I don’t care!! :)), I also learned that Disney has not only provided much-needed entertainment throughout my life, but it has also taught me some valuable lessons….here are some of the little nuggets of wisdom Disney has passed along 🙂


10. Fish are friends…not food. Well, in my case, fish are FOOD too…so maybe this is a lesson I take with a grain of salt…or some herbs and a garlic rub. 🙂

9. Always listen to your father…otherwise he’ll get angry and tear apart your secret room of trinkets with his trident.

8. Cleanliness is next to Godliness…just ask Cinder-elly and her assemblage of aids.

7. Never EVER go out into a clearing during hunting season. Especially if you look a little game-y….

6. If you sing about your problems, it usually makes life better.

5. Never judge a book by its cover. Or a desk, or dresser…or chipped tea-cup. You might find out that cup is in fact a little boy.

4. Little towns are RARELY also quiet villages.

3. Stay true to your best friends. Even if one of you is a fox, and the other a hound.

2. Never accept apples from strangers. Or any fruit, for that matter. Especially if it’s from a creepy old woman.

1. Eyes are the window to the soul. This is why everyone’s eyes are so big.  🙂

 Ever learned a life lesson from Disney? Do share!!

hearts and whimsical hugs,




  1. Things I learned from Disney:

    The bad guys will get what’s coming to them.
    Too many puppies can create havoc.
    “Magic” exists…usually in the form of daughters.
    Girls with big hair and big eyes can help the underdogs rise above.
    Gaston is especially good at expectorating.
    And, when you’re in the Magic Kingdom, if you try to put your arm around colleg-aged Jasmine for a photo, she will smile beautifully & tell you to cross your arms in front of you and tell you, “When we take pictures in Agrabah, we hold our arms like THIS!” Pocohontas, on the other hand, doesn’t mind the side hug in the photo.

  2. so funny brent!!!! about jasmine!!! ha ha.
    bec, i loved what you learned from disney. too cute!

  3. I’m pretty confident I could beat you in Disney trivia/ sing a long sing-off any day


  1. […] top 10 things I learned from Disney […]

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