friday favorites…

Does summertime just scream sweets to anyone else? I feel like in the winter/fall months I’m always eating a lot of hearty and warm meals….snacking usually consists of veggies, soups, or hot cocoa by the fire while watching White Christmas in my snuggie…In the spring and summer months, though, I tend to reach for lighter, cooler fare…lemonade, SNO-CONES, fruit….ORRRR a fruity lemonade sno-cone! Okay, gotta run and find a Bahama Bucks now….just kidding. But seriously.

Anyways, I’m sure you know now that Etsy is the place to go for jewelry, vintage scarves or your occasional print canvas….but FOOD? YES! On top of your earring purchase, why not pick up a jar of local honey? Or a basket of maple scones? Yet another reason why Etsy is the best-y (almost rhymed there…) is their commitment to local and small business FOOD proprietors as well. So, even though you may be looking for a new (old) dress to wear to that next summer bbq, why not also pick up some homemade almond bars or taffy to bring along as a host gift? With the unique fare, you are bound to be a hit!


shops showcased (left to right):











happy shopping!

hearts and hugs,




  1. Can you bring me a Bahama Bucks snow cone, pretty please?!

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