things i’m lovin…

How is it Wednesday already? I’m sorry, but I must have slept through the first half of the week because in some sick and twisted way, today feels like Monday…oh yikes-a-bee….what’s the best way to cure the fake Monday blues?? Singing writing about my favorite things!

So, here’s some stuff I’m lovin’ on this week…

  • mango! Holy yum…this fruit has been in and around the blogosphere for ages now, but for some reason, I’ve kept it out of my kitchen until just recently. Rookie mistake #1. Lately I’ve been mashing it into yogurt, puree-ing it with some milk and ice as a smoothie, scraping the insides artichoke-style with my teeth, or just eating it whole…well, that last one was a lie….although I wouldn’t put it past me. 😉 It’s healthy, it’s bright and colorful, and it’s a fruit. Winner winner MANGO dinner! (and lunch and breakfast and snack…)
  • Will and Grace…I’m obsessed with this show…I own all 10 seasons! Like my other love, Friends, I like to re-watch random seasons every once in a while. Its a show that I can listen to in the other room and know exactly what is happening on the t.v screen…Jack and Kare will always hold a special place in my heart….”Who’s your daddy?” “YOU ARE!”
  • belt pouches…I did it! I bought a modern-day fanny pack! Of course, mine isn’t brightly colored or attached to a European man, but it’s still cool in my book 🙂 It’s camel colored, so of course it goes with everything, and I’ve already made good use of it by sticking my keys and a credit card in the pouch while out and about town. LURVE!

    my "modern" fanny!

  • maxi skirts…for the days when I’m not feeling like showin’ the gams, I whip out a trusty maxi skirt, and VOILA! Problem solved…comfort and style, all wrapped up in a nice flowy package 🙂 I’ve got my trusty black and brown versions, and have added some nice Ikat and floral prints to the mix! Pair it with a tank top and some chunky jewelry and I’m out the door!

    a recent purchase - gypsy floral maxi skirt - forever21

  • The Huffington Post…this online mag has been marked on my “favorites” list for some time now due to its fab mix of blogs, articles and photo spreads. Of course, I stick to mainly the Style section, but the Huff Post has got everything from politics to healthy living. Grouchy neighbor stole your paper again this morning? No worries…just head on over to the Huff and get your read on!

what are some things YOU are lovin’ this week?

hearts and mango-licious hugs,




  1. I love Will & Grace, I used to always watch reruns before bed in college. Haven’t seen it for a while, but always provides a good laugh! I need to add Huffington Post to my favorites, everyone’s always posting good links and articles from there, I need to make it part of my daily link collection…

  2. I like throwin’ spaghetti at Bigfoot & Yeti, I like Veronica and Betty, but don’t call me Jughead. I like pineapple upside down cake…WHY’S IT UPSIDE DOWN? WHY’S IT UPSIDE DOWN?

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