Color me MINE!

Last nights CFDA awards in New York brought out the big hitters of fashion. Everyone from Anna Wintour to Alex Woo was there to celebrate the industry that condones women wearing sport coats and men wearing tights. It’s a sub culture that can make a woman lust, loathe, and shout for joy out of sheer excitement all within the time it takes to flip through a catalog. And yet, for some reason, I’m fascinated by it. I LOVE to shop. I love to flip through catalogs. I order things online just so I can bask in the feeling of ripping into that UPS package once it’s arrived. I used to walk 15 minutes out of my way to class in Italy just so I could meander down the street where the Gucci, Chanel, and Swarovski boutiques resided. So, needless to say, as the awards show blazed on last night in its glorious, bedazzled splendor, I took to Twitter to catch all of the hits and misses in the wardrobe department. One look that caught my eye was the gorgeous bold statements women were wearing. It seemed to be a night dedicated to the solid pattern. Not many prints! Colors were bright, loud, and in your face. And I gotta say…I LURRRRVED it. Check out some of the knockouts, as well as some of the ones who maybe should have been knocked out….

What do you think? Do you like the bold? Or would you prefer something softer? I think my fav of the night was Chanel Iman’s turquoise 70’s inspired draped dress….the color isn’t what I would normally go for, but MY GOODNESS, it was gorge…..

hearts and big and bold hugs,




  1. oh i loooove bold colors. why are all the dresses so drapy tho? some look good, some look sloppy. I always have loved boldes, even when everyone was wearing pastels, i just couldnt because they make me look pasty, i try to stay away from them. i think pastels look best on tan people and/or blondes.

    • yeah, the drape-ing look seems to be the style right now…everything is very 70’s….but i agree, sometimes it just looks like a big Muumuu….the only bold color I stay away from is orange….for some reason I just can’t pull it off…i end up looking like a jack-o-lantern or something!! haha

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