summer travel staples…

June is here…how can I tell? Let’s see:

I sweat every time I leave my house.

I sweat even when I’m IN my house.

I get a sun tan driving to my parent’s house (which is 15 minutes away)

my Iphone told me 🙂

Needless to say, the heat is ON…but so is VACATION SEASON! WOOT WOOT! That being said, I’ve begun my “what do I need for travel purposes, as well as my own enjoyment” shopping list…my mom and I are very similar in the fact that for each vacation, we simply must have something new. There is something exhilarating (well, if you are anything like me) about going on vacation wearing a new outfit. Of course, I shop while on vacation as well, but heading out to the airport bright and early in my new strappy sandals? That, my friends, is what I call a great start to any morning 🙂

Even in any vacation I take, there are always some staples that can be transitioned for any type of travel (depending on the season). For instance, this summer I’ll be heading overseas for a couple of weeks in June, then flying down to Florida in July for a beach week family reunion. Though I’ll be experiencing two VERY different travel environments, I can already say that my packing list is still going to share some similarities…

what are some things I consider a MUST in my suitcase?

A simple black dress: I have this black, strappy, sweet heart neckline dress I bought from Belk (a department store most common in the south) a long time ago, and let me tell you, it was one of the best 50 bucks I’ve ever spent! The fabric is breezy yet strong, and de-wrinkling it is simple. Also, thanks to its right below the knee-length, I can wear it in any season. I’ve taken it on almost every trip I’ve been on because with a simple change of shoes and accessories, the dress easily transitions from day to night. And one other thing…what woman does NOT look in an LBD? Can I get an amen? 🙂

rachel roy black strapless - macys


Gold hoop earrings: I know some people prefer silver, and I suppose you could just substitute the gold out for your choice, but I just so happen to be partial to the gaudy and gold! These are another staple in my bag, as hoops are a classic silhouette for almost any outfit. I tend to bring loads of jewelry anyway, but if I can’t decide what to wear that day, I always go for gold 😉

metal braided hoop earrings - urban outfitters

A camel colored purse: I love this color. It goes with everything! One of the hardest things for me is deciding what purses to bring on my trips. Bags inside bags just seem superfluous, and I HATE wasting possible souvenir space! Enter the camel colored bag. I bought a gorgeous leather one from Target (I know, right??) last year before my trip to Spain, and loved having that extra space in my luggage thanks to only bringing one purse! Oh, and I know there are more women out there who also hate having to transfer things from one purse to another…stuff always gets lost or forgotten (ahem passport…). With one bag, the worry is gone!

leatherette drawstring bag - forever 21

A straw fedora: Hat hair is bad, but at least it’s covered! I’ve walked some windy streets in my life, and at the end of the day, trying to tame the beast that is my wind-fro is just darn near impossible. If I know I’m going to be doing a lot of outdoor sightseeing or long-term beach laying (is that a phrase? meh….), I always pack a trusty fedora. Besides looking super cute (or if you are a man, ruggedly handsome ;)), they also tame the possible frizz-o-palooza from turning into an outright extravaganza. Whether you are a ball cap kind of guy, or a cloche kind of girl, I always recommend bringing a hat….that way, if you forget your sunglasses, or accidentally sit on them while trying to snag the last remaining bus seat in a crowded London tube, you’re good to go with your second form of sun shade…cheers!

asos straw fedora

Do you have any staples to your travel wardrobe?

hearts and happy hugs,




  1. this has been on my mind a lot latey too. every shopping decision predicament ends in “well i’m gonna need this for Europe in Sept.” This will be interesting when I pack my Carry-on ONLY for our trip!!! since we will be moving from city to city a lot, so yeah that packing process will be tragic, to say the least. Besides the ones you mentioned, some of my staples include cardigans, light scarves to use as accessories/coverups without taking up space, and sunglasses.

    • ooooh that’s right? You’ll be in Poland? Oh, and scarves are another must! I always like to bring a solid color one that goes with everything…that way if it gets cool at night I can just throw it on! Cardis are good too since they’re so lightweight!

      I can’t believe you are just taking a carryon! that’s awesome!! I used to be able to pack like that….haha

      • yeah Poland. i am the world’s worst packer, so i am terrified of how this packing situation will work out. i dont really want to buy clothes there. i will probably have to start weeks in advance so that i can try on a bunch of stuff to mix and match, and have time to change my mind a lot…

    • yeah, I’d go with a lot of basic colors…and just accent with accessories! that way you can still mix and match and take up less space! I do that alot….I love to wear black, so i’ll bring my black dresses and just “add” to them with jewelry or scarves….

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