sisters are the best!

My sister is one of those women that shops year round for people. When I say year round, I mean that even if your birthday is in May, if she sees something she likes in October, she’s going to buy it for you anyway. And if she sees something else? Well, she’ll just tack it on to the first gift…or add it to your Christmas gift. I love this about her. For years I have had these conversations with my sister:

Pam: Booter, I found your birthday gift!

Becca: But you already gave me one!

Pam: I know, but I thought of you immediately when I saw it.

Becca: But it’s JUNE! (my birthday is in May)

Pam: So? Shut up, I’m giving it to you anyway.

Becca: Why don’t you give it to me at Christmas?

Pam: Because I already bought you that gift.

Becca: sigh.

Needless to say, this year was no exception, and the gift my sis gave me was one she had purchased a while ago, but when she saw it, she knew she needed to buy it…and I gotta say, she done good 🙂

The quote is amazing, and the colors match my bedroom perfectly, but what stood out to her was the girl on the rocking horse in the picture….I used to have long, curly hair (more wave than curl) just like the little girl…and just like the little girl I had a rocking horse of my very own, that I would ride and ride into the wee hours of the morning. My horse wasn’t QUITE like the picture in that it sat on springs, allowing it to make a horrible screeching noise that usually tipped my parents off to my late night gallivanting. They’d hear the squeak of the springs, get up to investigate, and find me, curls flying in the man-made wind, riding my horse like there was no tomorrow. Needless to say, when Pam saw that picture, she knew it had to be purchased.

Thanks Pammie for a beautiful birthday gift!

hearts and sisterly hugs,




  1. aw that’s a wonderful gift!! etsy buy? love quoted prints. I am kind of like that, tho not as extreme. But if I can’t find a gift for a situation I don’t buy one, I”ll just take someone out to dinner, but if I find something ahead of time that is perfect, no matter when, I get it and save it for an occassion. The only downside is I’m terrible at being patient, and sometimes I end up giving the gift to them randomly just because I’m dying to. I do my Christmas shopping in the month of December and I still really struggle waiting until the end of the month! Once you find something perfect it’s hard to wait!

    • it wasn’t etsy, but I can’t remember the name of the boutique! I’ll have to ask….and yeah, I’m exactly the same..I get so excited about giving someone a gift that I just want to do it right then! I also don’t like surprises (for other people) because I always give away too many hints…The dinner thing is always a good fall back…I like to do din/drinks with people who I don’t really know as well, or if I can’t think of anything to buy them!

  2. So sweet! Love Pammie’s kindness to her beautiful sister!!!

  3. Oh I love it!! That is a perfect gift! And my sis is my best friend – sisters make everything better:)

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