one of those days…

I’ve been buried in a project at work for the past 5 days, and today I discovered, much to my DEEP chagrin that I’ve got to start over.

I’ve got a whole symphony of tiny violins playing for me right now.


okay, pity party over….who’s ready for the weekend? Wait, it’s only Wednesday?

Oh crap.

hearts and utterly confused hugs,




  1. hahaha i looove that picture, because that is how i feel 90% of the time. you are not alone tho! my job is so frustrating and no one knows what’s going on until i mess something up! my only training is learning via mistakes. at least it’s not boring, i suppose…. don’t forget it’s a 3 day weekend (or even a 4 day weekend for some like me 🙂 ) it’s the only thing keeping me from pulling out all my hair this week! well, that and the fact that i have a hair appointment on friday.

    • haha yeah, I’m actually doing this project as a “test” for potential projects to come….so really, if I messed up, I’m not sure anyone would notice! But still…ugh.

      yes, I’m looking forward to the weekend! I’ll be down in Austin with my family…can’t wait!

      oh, and I LOVE haircuts…your hair is always so shiny and soft afterwards….and then you don’t have to fix it that day! 🙂

      have any big plans for the weekend?

  2. worst ever! sorry b-boo, i’m playing a tiny violin for you in port port. have fun in austin this weekend! give pammie sue and johnny law a hug from us. love you booters.

  3. Booter, I just finished a project this week that took me almost 3 months to complete….and it all began because I made a mistake.

    But you could bet a gazillion dollars I will NEVER make that mistake again. 😉

    I can’t WAIT for the weekend with you, Memsie, and Pops!

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