friday favorites…

Thank God it’s Friday night! And I juuuuuuust got PAID! (money money money)….(check out those BOMBIN’ trench coats! what what??)

Oh N’Sync. You sure do know the way to my heart.

Speaking of hearts, today’s treasury is inspired by love. Since the news of my roommate’s engagement broke this past Sunday, love really HAS been in the air…at least for her! 🙂 For me, well, I’m going to need a bit more help…and what better way to get in the spirit of looooove than to surround yourself with pink, floral, frilly things? No? Just me?? okay fine…but if I catch any of you girls sporting some dainty floral earrings or a pink scarf…then we’re going to have to have a little talk about honesty. And if I catch any of you BOYS doing the same? Well, we’ll need to have a different kind of talk…but it’s okay, no judgement here! 🙂

Okay, enough of the prep work…let’s dish out the goods!


 shops showcased (left to right):

 Breathe Couture









happy shopping!

hearts and love hugs,






  1. i love the new theme!! and the font i’m typing in right now. I used to love that ‘Nsync song. man it sounds so cheesy and lame now, but back then it was the jam! in all of your etsy exploring do you buy any of the items you show on your friday lists? you better post about it if you do… 😉 remember my necklace debacle? well i bought it and i’m still waiting 2 weeks later… if i don’t get it it’s your fault. just kidding. the seller is responsive so apparently mail from just Asia takes longer.

    • thanks for the theme love! and yes, I loved NSync very much…maybe too much…haha although I never thought Justin Timberlake was cute until now….that brillo pad hair just didn’t do it for me…. 🙂

      and yes, I DO buy some of the stuff I showcase, although I have actually bought more OUTSIDE of what I show…for some reason, I’ll find stuff, and then later on, I’ll be looking in that person’s shop and find something else I like better….I just bought a Keep Calm and Shop On print for my bedroom, and an eiffel tower charm necklace….LOVE! you’re right, I should show what I buy! sometimes I forget…oops 😦

      and sorry about your etsy buy! I swear, I’ve never had a bad experience…this makes me sad!!
      and you can blame it, it’s cool 😉 haha I can take it!

      • totally agree with the JT comment. i never thought he was cute. but during his first solo album days my roommate wallpapered our dorm room walls with his body, so it kind of grew on me 😉 but he’s more of the goofy funny cute in my opinion. which reminds me isn’t he suppose to be on SNL sometime in May? can’t miss that.

      • yeah, i like the goofy funny kind…very much my type 🙂

        and I’ll have to see him on SNL! I love when he does the digital shorts with Andy Samburg and all those guys…ummm mother lover? too funny!

      • i just looked it up!! he’s hosting this Saturday with Lady Gaga as musical guest! wow what a good lineup!!! can’t wait

      • oh, I’m there!! yeah!

    • oh, and I think i’m going to buy the bottle and pearl necklace….or the pumps…can’t decide….HOW ABOUT BOTH?! haha 🙂

      • haha yes both! i like the print and the rose earrings… hmm i hope work is slow today so i can browse more.

      • yeah, I loved those! Very very cute…crap…my shopping list is growing!!

      • p.s. i just clicked on the rose earrings store and the owner is from my hometown in Poland! how funny! of course that’s the one i’m drawn to. i love etsy and how it brings global creativity together!

      • I know! when I first saw that I thought of you, but forgot to mention…geez, where IS my brain today?? haha

        I remember when I went there I found a lot of really cool outdoor markets….was there something there that was really popular to buy? like what were they known for? (you know, how Italy has leather / glass, etc…)

      • you’ve been to Poland? where? they are known for amber!

      • yes! I went in 2007…visited Warsaw (just briefly) and Krakow…also went to Auschvitz and Birkenau….it changed my life…such an amazing trip!!

        oooh, I would love to go back and get a really cool amber vase or something….I bet they are beautiful!!

      • oh how cool, i didn’t know you’ve been! or maybe i did. This summer i’m going to Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw. I’ve been to Auschvitz too, insane, but a once in a lifetime must.

      • oh, I’ve been to Wroclaw too! I remember how weird it was pronounced…like vro-slaf, or something like that….crazy! let me tell you, Polish is one HARD language to learn!! oh my goodness!!

      • haha yep that’s how it’s pronounced. sshhh don’t tell my bf, i’m trying to convince him it’s easy breezy 😉

      • yes! I got it right!

        oh, and AK is going to have a LOT of studying to do! seriously….I could hardly say “hi” and “goodbye”…and I speak two other languages! this one is nuts!

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