things i’m lovin…

Oh the weather outside is…..DELIGHTFUL! Seriously, it’s days like these that help me remember that weather in Texas isn’t ALLLL blazing heat, icy roads, or tornadic thunderstorms. It’s been beautifully sunny, with highs in the mid-70’s, and this little boo couldn’t be happier. 🙂

All of this wonderful weather has made my mood so much brighter…thus, another THINGS I’M LOVIN’ post! Why? Because love is in the air….and also in my home. Yes, that’s right. My roommate got engaged Sunday night…which would make her the THIRD consecutive roomie to get engaged while living with me! I’m realllly starting to wonder….I should post a wanted ad in the papers for my next roommate. I think it would go something like this:


SWF…non smoker, good hygiene. Must have a desire to get married within a year. If not, then must be willing to become a mail-order bride, because marriage is imminent. No need for furniture, as you will be moving into your husband’s house soon.


But seriously, I’m happy for the roomie, and OF COURSE am excited to kick the fashionista part of me into overdrive. Oh, and I would also like to be involved in the cake testing…mmmkay?

Before I get sucked into dreams of sugar plum piped icing dancing in my head, let’s get back to my list of loves….because lists are bombin’, am I right? Or am I right? 😉

Things I’m lovin’ now:

 Amazon Prime…I feel like springtime always spurs on massive shopping sprees. I’m not sure if it’s the crazed “i’m-so-tired-of-winter-weather-that-I’m-delusional” attitudes that are forcing me to spend my paychecks like they’re going out of style, or if it’s simply the fact that spring/summer fashions are JUST SO DARN CUTE, and I’ve just GOT to have 10 new pairs of espadrilles and sundresses to match! Either way, shopping can be a hazard to my bank account (and health…ever been elbowed in the gut by a crazed discount shopper? I have…it ain’t pretty…). Enter: Amazon Prime’s free tw0-day shipping. Lurve. So when I’m on a crazy bender of online shopping, and I! Well, I can…by using my Prime membership! Check out the deets over at Amazon…it’s $79 dollars for the year, but if you purchase a lot on the site, it’s worth it in the end!

Salsa…Another thing I love about spring is the lighter foods brought back out from the darkness of winter. Everything is crisp and cool…and oh so tasty! The past few weeks I’ve been eating a lot of crisp salads, full of beautifully bright and bold veggies….all topped with some yummy salsa! A few years ago I started subbing out regular salad dressings for this easier-on-the-waistline alternative. It satisfies my love of all things muy caliente too! A brand that I’ve been enjoying lately is Mrs. Renfro’s…She’s got everything from sweet to savory, with all different ranges on the “spicy” meter. Yummers!

Mrs. Renfro's peach salsa...bombin'!

Feather earrings…I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…I really do feel like I grew up in the wrong era….I mean, I don’t enjoy all that much from the 80’s/90’s. I feel like I’m doing those decades a disservice. However, the 60’s/70’s? Well, I could ROCK those decades! One of my tributes as of late to the eras-gone-by are feather earrings. I’ve got all kinds: brown, magenta, black, peacock, ceramic….you name it, I’ve got the bird to show for it! (well, I’m pretty sure that the ceramic ones aren’t real…;)) Pair them with a flowing maxi skirt, a loose-fitting tank, and a head scarf from my grandma D’s collection, and I’m good to go!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey…I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “Doesn’t this girl ever watch the History Channel, or something else worthwhile?” The answer is YES! I am a huge HGTV and Travel Channel fan (um, Samantha Brown, you better watch your back! I’m comin’ for your job!), but a girl’s also gotta have her little guilty pleasures in life too…That’s why God invented back rubs and 4 lb containers of jelly beans. Amen. There is something about the show that sucks me in. Maybe it’s the Jersey-Italian connection I have, or the way Caroline just sucks you in with her protective mother-ing ways…I’m not too sure, but I DO know that come Sunday night, I’m always up for a re-run of my girls up in Joisey. 🙂

always drama in the clubhouse!

So, what are some things YOU are lovin’ at the moment?

hearts and hugs,








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