la creme de la creme….and some cream.

I love lists. I’m not sure why. It could be that I’m a very visual person, and having everything I’m thinking or wanting all in neat little numbered (or bulleted!) rows makes my heart happy. It could also be because there is a sweet satisfaction that comes with crossing things OFF said list…I really don’t know. I also don’t know why I haven’t made a list for why I LOVE lists.

I should write that down on my list of things to do.

To honor my love of lists (try saying that 5 times starts sounding like loveless…which makes me sad…put that on the list of things NOT to say anymore!), I thought I’d make a list of my top 3’s.

Oh, and if I didn’t say so already, each time I mention the word LIST in this post, you have to take a shot. I’m pretty you should be drunk already…which means this is about to become REALLLLLLY funny. 🙂

Top 3 Clothing Items worn:

1. Dresses

2. Rings

3. Earrings

Top 3 Music Genres:

1. Singer/Songwriter

2. Rap/Hip Hop

3. Pop / Funk / Disco

Top 3 Cuisines:

1. Middle Eastern

2. Mediterranean

3. Italian

Top 3 countries travelled:

1. Italy

2. U.K

3. Germany

Top 3 states travelled:

1. Florida

2. California

3. New York

Top 3 most common sayings:

1. Bombin’

2. Oy oy!

3. Lurve.

Top 3 least favorite words:

1. Pit

2. pustule

3. disappointed

Top 3 times of day:

1. 4am

2. Noon

3. 7pm

Top 3 dream jobs:

1. Travel writer

2. boutique owner

3. tour guide

Top 3 family traditions:

1. Blanda family reunion

2. Christmas in Disney World

3. watching White Christmas with my sister and singing along

Top 3 therapeutic activities:

1. my Barnes and Noble time each weekend

2. going for a long run

3. getting a massage

Top 3 great dates:

1. roller skating in the park

2. miniature golf

3. dinner/salsa dancing

Top 3 must haves in my fridge:

1. fruit

2. coffee creamer

3. butter

Top 3 pets I wish I had:

1. Otter

2. monkey

3. giraffe

Top 3 things I’m scared of:

1. bugs

2. the dark

3. small caves. that are dark. with bugs.

Top 3 things I wish I could do:

1. be comfortable speaking foreign languages (I still get stage fright!)

2. play the violin

3. drop everything and just travel

What are some top 3’s in your life? Do you like making lists too?

hearts and neatly organized hugs,




  1. oh i am a compulsive list maker too!! most common lists are “things i have to do when i get home so that i dont get distracted and lost for 5 hours in my google reader” “food/supplies i need to buy for the house” “things i want, and need to do research for sales/deals online”

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