friday favorites…

I’ve seen a lot of movies lately featured in the great city of New York. Ahhh, New York….concrete jungle where dreams are made of! Land of Carrie Bradshaw and home to Central Park and 5th Avenue. Shopping Mecca and cultural hub of the world. I love city life. I love the hustle and bustle. I love the people watching, the eclectic shopping, the expansive array of culture and nightlife. An ideal day for me would be a latté, a magazine, a blanket, and Central Park. Oh, and Matt Damon….but if he can’t come, I’ll still take the other things on the list. 🙂

Today’s treasury is inspired by city life. Its motivation comes from the smorgasbord of fashion, culture, food, life, and love that makes up our great cities of the world. It’s sleek and elegant, yet funky and cool at the same time….enjoy!!

shops showcased (left to right):










happy shopping!

hearts and city loving hugs,


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