nice fanny!…..pack.

Oh the fanny pack. The belly bag. The buffalo pouch, banano, moon bag…It may not have a single name, but the list of great qualities is endless….well, maybe not endless, but, you know…

I’m bringing this up because I have mixed feelings…On one hand, there are these images that comes to mind when you say the words “fanny pack”…

However, nowadays, we are finding more and more styles like the ones below, which are being brought back into fashion by some of the world’s top designers.

louis vuitton

But are they really back? Or is this just another attempt to make something blasé be a bit more….ohhh hey!? (can you say harem pants??)

its hammer time!

What are your thoughts? Would you ever bring back the bum bag? Or are they gone for good from your wardrobe? I’ve thought about buying one for travelling purposes…it would take so much pressure off my shoulders from carrying around my Mary Poppins-size carry-all! I found this one online, and let’s just say it allllmost went into the shopping cart!

urban outfitters

 If we can’t agree on the above, please please PLEASE agree with me on the crazyness of the below picture….what NOT to do with a dog!

i have no words.

hearts and hip pack hugs,



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