birthday wishes and puppy kisses…

Today is my birthday.

Let me pause for a brief moment while you run out to the store and buy me some jelly beans and a party hat….because we all know I hate greeting cards…but I LOVE hats!!

In honor of myself (and in the tradition of Brent Mckinney) I will:

I’m looking forward to the rest of this year, and if the first part was any indication, then I’ve got a LOT to get excited about! So far:

  • I started this blog! 
  • I’ve found some awesome friends through previously mentioned blog!
  • I’ve moved (again)
  • become closer with an amazing group of guys/girls
  • did a 52 flight stair climb race for charity
  • dressed as a japanese business man for a friend’s birthday
  • ran my first offical half marathon
  • visited my sissy and BIL in Austin for a much needed relaxing weekend
  • gone searching for a puppy to adopt
  • started an “eclectic food club” with previously mentioned awesome friends (we dubbed ourselves the Good Forkers…:))
  • had an adult-version Easter egg hunt
  • spent much needed time with the ‘rents, eating, drinking, and laughing till we snort
  • cut my hair in order to let it grow
  • bought 6 more pairs of shoes (aughhhhhh!)

What I have to look forward to?

  • adopting a puppy! (it’s down to 2..a cockapoo and a cocker spaniel!)
  • heading back down to Austin for Memorial day for some Davis-style crazyness!
  • travelling to Europe for 13 days with the ‘rents….
  • trekking down to the Florida gulf for a week for the annual Blanda Family Reunion
  • driving up to Arkansas for my yearly weekend homage to my college town in October
  • flying over to Georgia to hopefully run the Rock n’ Roll marathon with my aunt and uncle in November!
  • Christmas in Disneyworld!
  • dying my hair about a dozen more times
  • buying approximately 15-20 more pairs of shoes 🙂
  • selling a kidney for money to spend at the H&M grand opening at North Park (I kid I kid…but seriously.)
  • sand volleyball every Monday night with my bombin’ “crew”

and much more!!

As my friend and co-worker Atira has said, “this is the year of Bex!” (that’s her nickname for me)….and you know what? It IS!! Why wait for everything in your life to be perfect before you start going after things you want, or enjoying things you have? My life is FAR from being where I want it to be, or where I think it should be. But that’s because I’m a crazy perfectionist who likes to have some semblence of control over things 🙂 Too harsh? Oops….but you know something else? I’ve realized that, and am now taking strides to JUST LET GO and enjoy life. Which is why I’m getting a dog, and why I’m going to dye my hair a thousand more times. And why I’m travelling the world. And why I’m spending time with friends. It’s when I realize that my life is NOT perfect that it becomes the most fun.

So can we all please raise a glass of pink champagne to my birthday? And while we’re toasting, let’s also raise our glasses to having the best 2011 that we can….regardless of what it turns out to be!

hearts and hopped-up-on-sugar hugs,




  1. AnonymousLenard says:

    You forgot the stair climb with the puzzlers.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Great birthday post. Birthday’s are a time for reflection and you did it well! I especially loved the goal of selling a kidney for money at H&M, priorities! Not to be super nosy and rude, but how many years young are you today?

  3. Yay, be all that you can be in LIFEY! Ok, that was ridiculously cheesy, but I had to. Happy B-day Bex! I like that new nickname – thanks co-worker!

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