snakes and souffles?

I’m back! Yesterday I took the day off since my birthday is tomorrow….yes, I know that may sound odd since I just said my birthday is tomorrow, and not yesterday, but I always like to take a long weekend before the actual bday…so Monday it was!

I don’t do anything out of the ordinary…just a lot of “me” time: Barnes, jogging at the park, and shopping for some birthday prizes. I am one of those people who doesn’t wait for someone else to buy me something. If I want it, and I can afford it, I buy it. Plain and simple. I DO tell people I want it, on the off chance that they might come through and make said purchase, but…I don’t hold my breath….

(on a toooootally unrelated side note: I am a size 8 shoe, and I love gold jewelry…just sayin’….) 😉

Because my birthday falls around Mother’s Day (I was born on the actual day *littleknownfact*), my family usually does a joint celebration dinner. This time around, we chose Rise No. 1. None of us had been before, but after seeing the menu and adorably quaint photos from the website, I knew we had picked a winner! The Salon de Souffle was a wonderfully relaxed French cuisine bistro and wine bar, where, get this…you could buy ANYTHING in the restaurant! Right down to the napkins and utensils! We actually DID make a purchase, which will remain undisclosed due to a certain reader the gift is for…:) The food was to.die.for. I’ve never eaten a souffle before, but let me tell you, it was like eating a cloud from heaven, topped with a sprinkling of baby Jesus’, with a splash of rainbows….did I go to far? I don’t care. Blame it on the rising puffy masterpieces that were set before me. We each tried something different so that we could get a broader tasting of the menu. To start, I ordered a salad with pecan vinaigrette dressing, followed by a truffle infused mushroom souffle, and finished off with a bread pudding souffle for dessert….Oh, and flight of French white wine…because you know it ain’t a party without the vino! 🙂 (oh, and George and Laura Bush…who just so happened to dine there as well!)

I’m pretty sure I floated home on a souffle pillow of happiness. As Buddy the Elf would say, “I’m in love, I’m in love and I DON’T care who knows it!”

The weekend wasn’t ALL warm and fuzzy though…in fact, it was a bit slimy at one point. This is where the snakes come in. And yes, I DID just get finished talking about decadent french food, but hey, I’m feeling a bit A.D.D at the moment, so just roll with it…mmmkay?

So there’s a park by my house which I frequent quite often, due to its wonderful paved running paths as well as the endless supply of people-watching material. And animals. Ohhhh the animals. Besides the sweet little fluffy puppies that frequent the park, you’ll also see on occasion the following: squirrels, beavers, whooping cranes, rabbits, ducks, turtles and geese….oh, and snakes. LOTS of snakes. This past Sunday morning, while doing a 4 mile loop around the park, I came across a group of people peering over one of the bridges by the water. Naturally, I just HAD to see what they were looking at! Well, it turned out that they were looking at a bed of water moccasins! Sick to the nasty.

It was straight out of that scene in Indiana Jones in the snake pit…well, if you subtracted the hunky Harrison Ford and added in 3 or 4 elderly folk and me…but still…Unfortunately for us, and the dogs swimming in the lake, the park is a natural habitat for the snakes, and thus, they can’t be removed. The only thing that COULD be removed that day was my pride when I shrieked like a monkey after almost stepping on yet ANOTHER snake later on in my run. I mean, seriously…it was like snakes on a plane here! well, if you subtracted the enticing Samuel L. Jackson and added in a stressed out, crazy-eyed ME….but still…

i had a similar expression...

So, if you think my weekends are spent wining and dining with the former prez and hanging out with cute and cuddly puppies like these little lovlies:

well…you’re mistaken.

hearts and happy-to-be-alive hugs,




  1. haha i’m the same way about my birthday. i love family dinners, and my me time to buy myself birthday prizes to get me through the saddness of getting older.

  2. oh absolutely. for me, it’s the entire month of July where it’s entirely okay to splurge on designer buys… until August when i feel guilty and sometimes have to make some returns…

  3. I’ve been to Rise No. 1 without the Bushes. Ha ha. My mama took me and we met my Aunt Janet, Joanie and Casey. Loved it. I even dressed Frenchie to go. xo

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