friday favorites…

Oh happy day! Each Thursday night I think, “I wish it were Friday already!” and each Friday morning I think, “I can’t believe the week just flew by!” What can I say, my mind is a constant conundrum.

What’s NOT a mystery is the abundance of goodies over at Etsy this week. Seriously, they should just hire me to spout their praises all day 😉

Today’s treasury is inspired by my plethora of oranges in my fruit bin right now…and for those of you who thought of the Three Amigos when I said “plethora”, well, I’m just so proud 🙂


shops showcased (clockwise):









 hearts and happy hugs,




  1. okay so this week was the first time I actually took the time to explore etsy. and obvi, i love it!!! i could spend hourssssss. i was looking for a turquoise necklace and although in some cases prices were higher than ebay, etsy was the obvious choice because of the uniqueness of the items. and the whole helping a creative entrepreneur instead of a factory in hong kong selling necklaces for $3 with shipping.

    although i already did have a really weird experience with contacting a seller about more photos, and in extremely broken (obvi using a literal online translator) English told me that the necklace looks good on me… um ok? that wasn’t the question. unfortunately that’s the one i really want… should i still get it? lol

    • i totally agree with you on the uniqueness! it IS cool knowing that you have something that isn’t mass made in a factory somewhere….unlike so much of my stuff now! 😦

      and the seller incident? haha hmmmm that sounds creepy! but I personally would still get the necklace…just check out their payment system, and if it’s a secured thing (which they usually are….)

      I’ve never had issues buying stuff there, and I’ve bought from many different types of sellers (local, Europe, BFE, etc haha)

      glad you liked it!! I just bought a little Keep calm and Go Shopping print….I’m going to put it up in my bathroom at home 🙂

      • oooh prints…. i am in need of filling up a huge wall in my kitchen. and am really stumped on what kind of decor to put there. you just seriously derailed my Friday work productivity train.

    • that’s what I’m here for: my witty banter, and derailment of productivity 🙂

      for your wall you should take some vintage looking photo frames and put different fabric pieces in them (like one print per frame), and then put up the frames on the wall as sort of a “frame collage”….it sounds better in my head, i’m probably not explaining it very well!

      • hmm i like that idea, maybe different fruit patterns or something to go with that kitchen/food theme. i am all about DIY, i will have to play with that idea and see what i come up with. thanks!

    • this is what I had in mind (only with fabric prints instead of photos….

      google “photo frame wall collages” 🙂

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