I’m still wearing my fleece pajama bottoms from Christmas…

I use my dryer as an ironing board…a.k.a I don’t iron things, I just dry them till they unwrinkle…

I always seem to have ribbon in my purse….or chopsticks…

Want to make me fall asleep? Talk to me about politics or finance. Or financial politics…

I am VERY good at selective listening. (this comes in handy for the previous mentioned)…

my friends bring out the “interesting” in me…

FC Dallas game in freezing cold MAY!

let’s leave it at that 🙂

got anything to confess??

hearts and hugs,



  1. Is it really that cold in Dallas right now? And also sounds like you just described my day job saying it makes fall asleep instantly… Luckily I tend to stay awake, and it’s more of the finance and less of the politics (even though I live in DC i can’t keep up with that either, unless Michele Obama’s outfits count) but that’s exactly why I so desparately needed blogging to force my creative side that got buried deep down in highschool a decade ago.

    • It’s warming back up, but we’ve had terrible weather which made it cooooold! It didn’t help that it was raining in that pic….cold + rain = a not so happy becca 😦

      and yeah, I tend to just stay away from politics or finance, unless I’m discussing how much I’m going to save if I go to the big blowout sale at the mall or something! haha….

      speaking of Michelle, did you like her outfit at the correspondent’s dinner? I loved her hair!

      and yes, I agree about blogging…it reminds me of my fun side! haha 🙂

      • Yes i saw it! Her dress is great, she’s so cute. Also I saw the E! hat special you mentioned before, they are so fun! Need a place to wear a hat… that would be a great bachelorette or bridal shower idea. We did wigs for my friend’s bachelorette, but next time i’m a bridesmaid, we are doing hats. done.

      • that’s a great idea! i love it!

        i should just have a party with some girlfriends, and get dressed up, wear hats, and go to a fun tea room! done. 🙂

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