things i’m lovin…

Okay, I’ve known all along, but now the truth is screaming at me like a cholic-y baby on an overcrowded airplane: Dallas weather blows. Literally.

In one weekend we went from gorgeous and sunny highs of 75-80 degrees to freakishly cold, rainy, and windy with windchills in the 30’s. IN THE SPAN OF TWO DAYS. I don’t know about you, but my body was so confused that at one point I had a sweater on top and a bathing suit on the bottom, and was putting suntan lotion on with fleece gloves. Well, that MIGHT be an exaggeration, but I’m just trying to make a point…mmmkay?

Needless to say, in the midst of foul weather, I’m going to pull a Julie Andrews and list a few of my favorite things at the moment….now, if only I had an awesome floor length nightgown made out of my curtains….

What I’m lovin’ now:

Au natural hair…there is something so refreshing about just NOT doing your hair. I don’t know if it’s the inner hippie child in me, or the lazy gene rearing it’s ugly head, but especially in this awful weather: humid one day, hot and dry the next, it’s just nice to let it all gooooooo. 🙂…I’m not sure how I’ve gone this long without mentioning this site, but I have three words: OH.MY.GAH. Pretty much every single one of my 65 + pairs of shoes comes from this site. I like spending my money on quality items, but with the amount of wear and tear my shoes go through, I’m okay with going the cheaper route. This site immitates designs from all the major boutiques and department stores at a FRACTION of the cost. Seriously. I can buy three pairs of shoes for about 50 dollars. This is not a drill people.

a recent purchase

Watermelon gum…Spring and summer fruits are now blooming in the produce sections of your neighborhood grocery, but since I’m lazy (I seem to use this word a lot…hmmm) and don’t feel like lugging a giant 5 lb watermelon home, cutting, de-seeding, etc., I do the next best thing, and buy the gum! It keeps my mouth happy and occupied, which means less of a chance for me to say something inappropriate or strange. It’s a win-win situation. 😉

try not to spit out the seeds with this...

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit cream cleanser…staying on the subject of fruit, this cleanser is UH-mazing. I’m pretty sure my face felt so fresh and so clean-clean for a LONG while after washing. It’s super soft and silky, and made me want to sprinkle a bit of sugar over it as part of my complete breakfast….

also in my favorite color....double win.…this site rocks my face right off for many reasons, one of the main ones being that it’s FREE. Yes, a favorite word of mine, right up there with slimming, vacation, and Europe. Now, how to go about getting slim on a European vacation? That may be a post for another time….:) I love Hulu not only for it’s free-ness (and yes, that’s a word…in Beccanese), but also for it’s extensive library of shows and movies. The picture is clear, the loading time is lightning fast, and it has allowed me to catch up on all my shows that I can’t ever see during normal program hours! All in all, Hulu has given me the chance to laugh with Phil Dunphy, cry with Meredith Gray, and examine dead bodies with the CSI: Las Vegas team. I think Charlie Sheen would call that winning.

you won't pull a "Lemmon" with this site!

So, what are some things YOU are lovin’ at the moment? Anyone have a stellar weekend full of good weather 🙂

hearts and hail storm hugs,




  1. I’ve tried soooo hard to get into 30 Rock but I just can’t, and it makes me so sad because I love Tina Fey in absolutely everything else, but I just don’t get 30 Rock. Based on all of its awards I see that I must be the only one. 😦
    Also, loving au natural hair. Summer = humidity = Mila fro = spray gel = straighener break = out the door in 10 minutes instead of an hour.
    P.S. I havent been able to comment on some of your last posts because the comments are off. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but I had a lot of (un)important things to say about your hat post and how I am obsessed too and how I really want a fascinator. I will probably require those at my wedding. Instead of “blak tie required, it will say fascinator required.”

  2. yeah, I lost touch with 30 rock last season…it got weird, but I decided to give it another chance…we’ll see!

    is there something wrong with the comments section? are you unable to post any? I’ll have to check it out…

    oh, and hats at your wedding? yes, that is a must! I would LOVE to go to a wedding where they encouraged them! Did you see the special Guilana Rancic did on E! News with the Philip Tracy hats? OH.MY.WORD. I wanted alllll of them!!

    • oh nooo i missed the E! news special. my bf decided I needed a royal wedding intervention and pulled me out to happy hour. I hope they do more recaps tonight. i just can’t get enough of the wedding and Kate (girl crush alert).

      • yeah, it’s a BIT ridic how much I was like, “wow! she’s soooo pretty!” i don’t think I realized it before…but perhaps it was the stunning white gown she was wearing that put me in a trance…. 🙂

        yeah, they’ve been doing recaps like crazy…and you can prob read about it in US weekly too…my other lover 🙂 haha

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