sweet style!

I love the internet. It’s got its bad qualities, yes, but without it, I’d never have YouTubeFacebook, or THIS BLOG.

I’d also never come across stories like this one, in which a news team in Wisconsin tells the tale of a “loving mother” who made her daughter a prom dress…out of starburst wrappers.

It took 6 years.

The dress also came with a clutch and shoes, and a matching vest for a not-so-appreciative boyfriend.

To quote the article:

“Wisconsonite Kerrin Frey crafted her daughter, Tara’s, dress from thousands of bright paper candy wrappers, each one carefully folded (8 times!) and creased with a tweezer. Once prepped, the miniature wax papers were woven into a basket-like overlay for a muslin dress.” (source)

Let’s just say this process was not short…but it sure was sweet! 😉

This very public display of affection isn’t the only time candy (or any type of food) has been used in fashion. Check out some other examples of when the line between food and fashion got a wee bit muddled:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

also, make sure to check out this site. I’ve never seen such artfully crafted clothes made out of everything from bread to ravioli….it’s spectacular!!

hearts and herbivore hugs,



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