hello old friend!

Do you ever get the urge to wax nostalgic about some past moment in your life? I used to sit on my bedroom floor when I was younger, surrounded by piles of photo albums, and gaze into the past lives of myself and my family, laughing at the funny faces, grimacing at the awkward growth spurt pictures, and gagging at the clothing choices. I mean, who ever thought that matching neon wind suits were attractive on ANYONE? Apparently I did….for 3 straight years….but I digress.

Nowadays, I have the convenience of facebook and digital cameras to catalog old photos, which allows me LOADS more time of nostalgic fun, since my back no longer allows for hours of floor-sitting and hunched over posture. (I keep forgetting I have the spine of an 85 year old woman….ugh).

I thought I’d share with you some random photos from the archives, mostly for my own enjoyment, but also to give you a little glimpse into past travels, family gatherings, and silly tipsy nights in college….wait….I thought I didn’t document those? Oops. 🙂

So, enjoy a photographic trip down memory lane! There will be more to come!

hearts and hugs,



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