friday favorites

Happy Friday! I’m sure all of you are excited to get out and enjoy the weekend! I have a feeling I’m going to be a bit tuckered out after waking up at THREE A.M. this morning to shower and go over to my dear friend Hannah’s place for a little royal wedding watching! Yes, call me crazy, but you know me and my anglo obsession….I just couldn’t miss getting in on the action of the big day 🙂 Plus…I figure I can sleep at work….KIDDING! 😉

 So, since it’s Friday, and since we all know that you don’t realllllly do that much work on Fridays, why don’t you use your time instead checking out the wonderfully adorable goodies over at the lovely Etsy!

Today’s treasury is:

(Just like spring weather, this treasury is all about the unexpected pleasures as well as the things that “move” us)


Shop list (clockwise):

5 star – pink/black snakeskin pumps

Classic Keepsakes – Queen Bee Swarovski Crystal ring

Inblue – leather journal sketchbook

LouisesArt – The Journey of Thousand Miles print art

ohlittlerabbit – Screen printed reusable organic produce totes

RhondasTreasures – Hot Air Balloon necklace

calloohcallay – Vintage PhinneyWalker Travel alarm clock


happy shopping!

hearts and “her royal highness” hugs,










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