happy admin professional day!

Today, let’s give thanks to the administratives in our lives. The ones who work tirelessly to make you copies, and know how to fix the copier when you say IT’S BROKEN! (but really, it’s just out of paper). The ones who have your social security and driver’s license numbers memorized because you can’t remember them. The ones who know your parent’s names, your kid’s names, and all of their birthdays. The ones who know your favorite candy, and why you can’t eat that ice cream cake (you’re lactose intolerant, remember?) The ones who have perfected the art of finding a meeting time on a busy Tuesday morning to accommodate ALL twelve attendees. The ones who know more about excel and power point than the guy selling the software at Best Buy. The ones who come in early to be prepared for your morning, and stay late to prepare for your tomorrow.

They are your right hand, your right arm, and sometimes your legs (when you’re too tired to go get coffee :)). They are your brain when you can’t recall the numbers from last quarter, and they are your eyes when you need a second opinion.

They are the heart and soul of a company. Without them, there would be a lot of men and women in suits running around with a crazed look in their eyes, as if they just realized they are lost at the supermarket, and the person’s hand they are holding is NOT their mother’s.

So here’s to all of the admin professionals…..you deserve it! Now, get back to work! 🙂

hearts and hugs,




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