a new look…who knew?

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned my place of work yet by name, but today, the cat’s out of the bag….from the hours of roughly 7:30-5pm, you can always find me over here at the headquarters of JCP…oh, and that’s slang for JCPenney, ifyadidn’tknow. Yup, I work in the sourcing department in our Home division…it’s grand. (crickets chirping). Oh, you don’t have a clue what sourcing is? Well, let me tell you! In layman’s terms (aka lame-man’s terms), we here in the sourcing department are the liasons between our Foreign buying offices and our buying teams here at the HO (home office…keep up people!). Basically, we help negotiate pricing/costing/freight/etc. for our products.

Did you fall asleep? That’s okay, it happens….

I’m not really here to talk about sourcing though, so you can sit up and wipe the snooze drool from your face…Actually, I wanted to share with you some of the great stuff we’ve got goin’ on here at JCP! Because, after all, you gotta love what you sell, right?

Although JCP has for the past 109 years toted itself as being the preferred shopping experience for middle America, recent seasons have brought you some more designer looks, yet, still keeping to our bomb dot com price points 🙂 And no, it doesn’t say bomb dot com anywhere in our creed….but it would if I had any say!

A couple of my favorite design collaborations are our Allen B collection, as well as our newest venture, MNG by Mango.

Allen B was created by designer Allen Schwartz, and showcases a stylish, casual chic assortment that has a definite “California cool” vibe to it. From his flowy maxi dresses, to his peasant tops, I love the effortless look you can pull together with this line.

MNG by Mango is our newest collaboration, and by far the most chic. This is one of the most exciting for me, as it brings one of Europes largest brands to us here at Penney’s, and for such an affordable price! I’m in love with the designs, not just because of the fast fashion element it brings to our store, but because Mango was such a great place to shop while living over in Italy. (cue the nostalgic music please!).

Here are some of my favorite looks from these two collaborations:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I encourage you to check out our site…you won’t be disappointed!! 🙂 There are so many cute items that are right on trend with spring/summer 2011. I’ve already picked out some fav’s for those spring backyard bbq’s and summer block parties!

happy shopping!

hearts and hugs,



  1. wow so cute! i love Mango and i love that stores are doing all these designer collaborations. i’m sure it helps improve clothing sales and completely changes the demographic of the customers. like the kardashians having a clothing line at Sears. sounds soooo random, but it’s a smart strategy for Sears to show they’ve got more than tools haha.

  2. Love me some MNG by Mango! Seriously, it’s my new shopping addiction. I L-U-V some J-C-P cuz of M-N-G!

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