friday favorites…

 It’s a well known fact on this blog that I’ve got some mad love for my friends over at Etsy. The site for all things handmade, vintage and fabulous (my words, not theirs) never fails to take hold of my credit card heart. I’ve already written a couple of posts on my findings at this site, so I figured, why not make this a regular thing? Therefore, I will be making my OWN Etsy treasury each week to share with you, because we all know that fashion equals fun, and fun is my favorite (that’s a legit equation, I learned it in algebra ;)). Plus, any chance I get where I can promote the people who give their creativity a voice, well, I want to take it! After all, I have dreams myself of one day having my own boutique. So, what have we here? Let’s take a look at today’s Friday Favorites treasury I like to call:



Shops pictured above (clockwise):

paper tags from petitepear

table from uncommon

feather necklace from zdrop

porcelain bowl from luncheonettevintage

wristlet bag from starbags


happy shopping!

hearts and hugs,





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