are my eyes deceiving me?

Or is that a person with two legs and no body?

ready to head out? oh wait...:)

This piece is just one blip on the crazy radar that is Mark Jenkins and his gallery of photographs. I stumbled upon his site while browsing the web the other day, and was sucked in by his creative portrayel of objects in odd or compromising positions. Not the dirty kind (this is a family establishment people!), but rather the kind that make you go, “Wait….Whaaaa?” If the above photograph hasn’t convinced you of that yet, then take a look at a few more below. Or better yet, check out his site…you’ll be amused…to say the least….



Needless to say, I’ll think twice from now on before approaching a stranger in the street…or in the water…. 🙂

hearts and hugs,



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