hair today….still here tomorrow!

Sorry for the ridiculously cheesy pun, I just couldn’t help myself….well, I could, but I get a kick out of cheese….especially brie…

Anyways, I’m growing my hair out. I’m taking the plunge. I’m embarking on that excrutiating journey of awkward lengths, imitation mullets, and bangs that are too short to clip, but too long to wear down…..oh the horror.

Needless to say, I’ve come to the end of my pixie haired days…not to say I won’t be back! Of course I will! Having my hair like this has only been fun, and the fact that it takes 28 seconds (I timed it one day) to blow dry? Well, if my hair were a man, I’d kiss it and tell it to call me 😉

Now comes the challenge, though, of what style I want….do I keep my blunt bangs, and go for long layers overall? Do I do a side-swept thing, and jagged ends? As my hair keeps growing, so do my options, and I’m starting to get that “I need a change” itch….the last time that happened I went and got inked…hmmm….

No! Focus Becca! Back to the hair…here is one look I’m sporting at the moment (pardon the under eye circles…apparently I’m not sleeping enough!):

one side - slicked back

other side view

And here are some idea’s i’m toying with as my locks lengthen:

shorter lengths

with or without bangs...

I like the jagged edges...

LOVE this! Id just have to buy a curling iron...


longer lengths 

subtle layers...

very similar to my old style

love the natural look!

Color-wise, I’m probably going to stick to my natural dark brown…unless the mood strikes me, or there’s a sale on honey-caramel at the drugstore….

So, what style should I start working towards? Whatever I do decide, though, I have to say that I’m very excited to have more options when it comes to styling my hair! I’ll no longer have to solely rely on headbands and scarves!

hearts, hair, and hugs,




  1. Yay long hair! I can’t pull off short hair like you do. I just end up looking like a soccer mom (no offense to soccer moms, i will get there someday and then i will rock that haircut like no other). but for now I love long! and i love these pictures you posted. you could basically do all of them because they are all in different phases. start with #2 and make your way to jennifer aniston’s or reese’s long gorge hair. I do always itch for a change, but then I don’t do very much. more layers, all one length, thick bangs, no bangs, light wispy bangs. pretty unexciting. but i’m young so i gotta get my long hair out of my system before i’m older and can’t have pretty long hair 😉

    • HAHA i love the soccer mom reference! That was totally my mom growing up….and thanks for the advice 🙂 I really ilke Jen’s hair, but am partial to bangs…ummm big forehead! boo 😦

      I wonder why women always tend towards shorter hair as they get older? Is it just a maintenance thing? Or do we really just think long hair is for younger women? I used to think that, but now I’m seeing more and more older women keep their length…

      • i have a big forehead too (fivehead, as my bf lovingly calls it) so i always feel like i need something there too! i think women cut their hair when they become a mom for low maintenance, and then later as you age long hair just doesnt look good. its stringy and less shiny, not to mention the greys maintenance. i work with a woman that i want to suggest a haircut to soo badly. its just not right. waist long hair on someone entering their 6th decade looks a little “witchy.” (ah i can’t stop being mean this week, must be the topics you bring up… :P)

    • BAHHAHA Fivehead! I love it, I used to say that too! Yeah, the long hair with grey DOES look witchy! Don’t worry, I’ve been all about the feisty comments this week….must be the weather. 😉

      Ok there is a woman at work here that I really want to secretly nominate for What Not to Wear….this convo has just reminded me! haha….sad.

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