fun times ahead!

Yes! It’s official….the plane tickets are in the process of being booked, and the notice has been posted on my calendar at work….Europe trip prep may commence!

Yesterday I received an email in my inbox for a flight itinerary…Seeing as how I receive a lot of these for work travel, I didn’t think much of it…until I noticed the name on the Itinerary…Rebecca Davis. Who me? Why, I do declare!

My father’s annual summer business trip to Europe is usually around 3 weeks long, and I’ve started making a habit (not one I want to break, either) of joining him and my mother on part of the trip. Last year, it was the Germany-Italy leg. This year, it seems as though I’ll be flying in to London, touring the English Riviera, moving on to Stockholm, Sweden, and finishing up in Germany. My parents will continue on through Spain, but, alas, I have a job…and bills…So now, I have approximately 2 months to get PUMPED about re-visiting some old haunts, exploring some new ones, and overall just spending some quality time with my lovely travel buddy: Memsie…aka mother dearest 🙂

clowning around at the beach last summer

As the trip gets closer I’ll be sure to post about where we’ll be going, what we’ll be seeing….I’ve been to the UK and Germany, but Sweden is all new to me! I can’t wait to eat their fish, I hear they’re sweet 😉

I’m such a joker.

hearts and hugs,


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