if I could…

The Royal Wedding is coming up…only 11 more days till Prince William and Kate Middleton finally tie the knot…I mean, it’s only been 8 years…they don’t want to rush things now, do they?? 🙂

Being the anglophile that I am, I’ve already read up on the wedding deets, from the guest list (ex boyfriends and a cocaine addict uncle!)  to the reception afterwards (nightclub inspired). This wedding will undoubtedly rival the previous “wedding of the century”, which just so happened to be Will’s mum and dad, Lady Di and Prince Charles.

Unfortunately, I have no connection to royalty (unless you count my obsession with this guy back in the day…I mean, he WAS a count, right?). However, I still like to imagine what it would be like to live as a princess….Castles, butlers, singing animals to wake me up in the morning! Wait…..that only happens in Disney movies? Crap.

Well, even if royal life isn’t as exciting as Belle and Cinderell-y make it out to be, I’d still bet money that the royal wedding will be oh so magical! Because nothing says “You’ll have a lifetime of happiness” like two choirs, an orchestra, and a fanfare team (what IS a fanfare team anyways? Do they just stand there and offer up motivational phrases??)

Oh, and on the off chance that I actually AM invited to the wedding, and that the Queen simply got my address wrong (it’s 426, not 642!), here are some dresses that I might wear to the special day…

The Pink Marchesa dress is my fav…I’d wear it with some bold colored earrings, or perhaps a floral fascinator? After all, Kate seems to love them!  but of course, I can’t be more beautiful than the bride 😉

Anyone going to watch the live coverage on the wedding day? I’m not sure I can stay up all night for it! I mean, that’s why God invented Tivo, right??? 🙂

British hearts and hugs,



  1. Considering fashion options if you were to attend is a fun game to play! these dresses are gorgeous. But on the other hand I’m so sick of hearing about the royal wedding!Of course I’m excited to see the magazine, blog, and entertainment news coverage after it occurs. and Kate Middleton is just stunning and I love seeing her different outfits. BUT the top 3 wedding invitation options do not need to be healine news 6 months in advance… My friend living in London says its nothing like what it is here over there! americans are nuts when it comes to celebrity media coverage!

    • Oh my goodness, I know! Even though I love hearing about royal happenings, it HAS been a bit extreme….I almost laughed out loud when E! did a “how to throw a royal themed party”…they even went as far as Will and Kate embossed napkins…I’m thinking, okay, do I realllllly want someone’s face on the thing that I’m going to wipe my scone-covered lips with??

      not so much….

      The whole “commoner becoming a princess” thing is still fun to read about though 🙂

      • haha oh man, i’m so glad i missed that! but I have seen countless of other TV specials as I scroll through the TV guide. yeah i definitely love Kate and want to know more about her, but the length of time and intensity of all the other details they cover are just absurd. I also have a history of being crazy obsessed with Prince William back in 1997… My locker was like a Prince William shrine and I (still) have every magazine cover he was on. I’ve moved on (he didn’t age well), but now I’m intrigued with her and her life and her wardrobe 🙂

    • oh that’s too funny! You are so right though, he HASN’T aged well! I mean, Prince Charles isn’t exactly a looker, so I guess we kind of knew this was coming? (is that too mean to say??)

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