Are you there weekend? It’s me, Becca

Do a little dance….make a little love(?), get down tonight! get down tonight!

OW! 🙂

Ahhhh, Friday is finally here, and I couldn’t be happier. This week has drained me mentally and physically, and the thought of putting in one more day here at the office just makes me want to swallow some spoiled milk. (which reminds me…must go grocery shopping!)

This weekend is filled with lovely dates with friends, my usual Barnes alone time, a fantastic brunch with a fabulous group of women, and lastly, some much-needed sleep. I always look forward to the weekends (as most people do) not only for the chance to take a step back from work, but for the ability to just spend time with friends. My week days are constantly filled with work and other events/functions, that I feel as if sometimes I’m only “half” present during the evening. The weekends allow me to decompress, get focused, and really tune in to what’s going on in my community of friends. So I want to say thank you to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Thanks for keepin’ it real 🙂


Dear Weekend,

It’s me, Becca, your loyal fan and admirer. I just wanted to say thanks for always being there for me. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to on a Monday. Thanks for the chance to go out late, and subsequently sleep in. Thanks for being laid back and super cool. You always seem to know how to get the party started! You’re suave and slick; you know how to make people relax and let loose….if you were in high school with me, I’m pretty sure you’d be voted, “most likely to have a good time”.

If you were a man, I’d marry you. And then have little weekend babies. And we’d eat brunch every day.


I love you,



lets "kick" off the weekend, shall we?

PS: any fun weekend plans?

hearts and hugs,





  1. Cute post, B-boo! Love you and can’t wait to spend time with you very, very sooooooooooon!!!

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