let the trips begin!

Last night I took my mom out for a lovely birthday dinner, just the two of us, at Sonoma Grill in Flower Mound. My father was called away at the last minute to Boston, and, despite his best efforts to make it back in time, was unable to join us. Thus, it was just us girls, gabbing and snorting laughing for a nice couple of hours. Of course, no dinner is complete without wine and fun, colorful adult beverages (oh, and a small allergic reaction to my salad..but we won’t get into that…haha)!

the drink is blue....the drink is BLUE! 🙂

While dining on almond crusted scallops and sesame soy tuna, we discussed everything from relationships to work, and rounded out the gab fest with one of my favorite topics…travel! Even though spring has only just sprung, vacation plans are already in motion for my family. We take travel seriously, and thus begin the process of mapping out trips sometimes a year in advance. So, what does this year look like for me? Here’s what I’ve got planned so far:

June: Europe with the parents (Dad is on business)

July: Florida for our Blanda Family Reunion (mom’s side)…a week of relaxing on the beach…good food, good wine, good company!

crazy beach fun!


October: weekend trip up to University of Arkansas…the yearly return to my old stomping grounds….it’s beautiful in the fall!

me and dad revisiting the Senior Walk on campus


November: possible weekend trip to Savannah, GA for the Rock n’ Roll Marathon…running with my aunt and uncle, and hanging with my beautiful cousins, Abigail, Olivia, and Hadley! Lurve.

December: Christmas time in DisneyWorld! (the most magical place on Earth…for real)…the Davis family tradition continues, spending the most WONDERFUL time of the year in a place where dreams come true! (cue corny sighs of joy) 🙂

dad, me, john and pam at Epcot


So, of course, I am beyond STOKED about Europe this summer, and cannot wait to plan! The cities and dates are still tentative, but it looks like I could be visiting Germany, the UK, and Stockholm….since the trip in total is going to be about 3 weeks, I can only tag along for about half (I mean, I DO have a job! ha).

So….where to go? What to do? I’ve never been to Sweden….this could get interesting!! 🙂

anyone made plans already for the summer?? Or am I the only one that’s a crazy early planner?

hearts and hugs,



  1. Have you read “The girl with a dragon tattoo”? I am reading it now and it makes me really want to go to Sweden. It really doesn’t take much to make me want to go to a European country, but feeling like I am there every night with my book, makes me want to go so bad and walk along the coast and meet a man named Ludvig.

    • oooh I’ve heard very little about the book, but always wanted to pick it up just to see what it was all about….and if there is a guy named Ludvig in it? well, then, I’m there! haha….yeah, it doesn’t take much for me to want to go either. I’d go even if someone made me fly over in the cargo hold of the plane….well….ok maybe not….I hear it’s pretty drafty down there…haha jk!

      • Are you being sarcastic or have you really heard very little about it? Because I feel like I’m the only person left that didnt read it in 2010. Everyone loves it, and the fact that there’s a 2nd remake (the first was swedish but was in theatres here with subtitles) of the movie (the american version with daniel craig) coming out this year means it really must be great! I’m only about 120 pages in, and already I can’t stop thinking about it! Need to know what happens! Those types of books are the best…

    • no not at all! haha I actually really haven’t heard much about it…I guess I’ve been living in a little “becca” cloud as far as reading material goes…I haven’t been to the library in a while…oops!

      ok, when I read the words “daniel craig” I thought, “now I have GOT to check this out!!” yes please!!!!

      • Haha, I’m glad some part of it rang a bell! To be honest i’m just trying to get back into reading myself, it’s been a while. and since all i read are blogs these days (duh), reading books has become an audiobook version while at the gym. haha still counts! Because i love reading the book before i see an adapated movie.

    • have you read Water for Elephants? I’ve heard some good things….and the movie looks pretty good!

      I always hear that it’s good to read the books before…you get a better understanding of the movie….of course Harry Potter was just too long! haha

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