here’s to you, mrs. davis!

Today is my mother’s birthday! The woman who gave me life turns 55 today, and I couldn’t be happier! The mother and I have had a crazy relationship, but one thing is sure, I love her more and more each year! As I get older, it’s as if my eyes are awakened to who my mom really is, and she’s beautiful!

mom and I on a trip back to UofA

So here’s to you Memsie!!

You gave me your wonderfully thick hair.

You gave me my olive complexion, that tans so well 🙂

three generations...

You gave me your winning smile, and the crinkle we get in our eyes.

You gave me your snort-filled laughter.

You gave me compassion.

tender moment in the ocean

You gave me artistic gifts, and amazing penmanship.

You gave me the chance to see the world.

together in Spain

You gave me the desire to dream.

You gave me a love for wine 😉

You gave me a heart for serving others.

You gave me a gentle spirit.

florida at christmas

But most of all, you gave me life.

i owe it to these two!

And for that, I am eternally thankful!

I love you Mems, more than the world, and I am so glad that I have you around to shop with, travel the globe with, and laugh with till we snort while watching episode upon episode of Modern Family.

You are beautiful.

love, Boo.



  1. What a sweet tribute! makes me miss my mom. Your mom is beautiful! Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh my gish…that made me cry! =)

  3. Booter,

    You are wonderful. More and more you are like our mother, in so many beautiful, kind and gentle ways.

    Happy birthday to Madre, Memsie, Mom.


  1. […] exploring some new ones, and overall just spending some quality time with my lovely travel buddy: Memsie…aka mother dearest clowning around at the beach last […]

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