black and….hello!

Anyone catch that reference to the Wiz Khalifa song, “Black and Yellow”? Well, it was playing in my head ALLLLLL night! Yes, talk about a soothing lullaby to help you doze off!


Needless to say, when I was picking out my accessories for today’s wardrobe, the color black was on my mind….wonder why?? 🙂

here are some highlights from the look today:

this awesome early birthday present from my friend Linds…a metal and jeweled cuff bracelet…

These rings from Asos…please ignore the chipping mani!!! 😦

and finally, after a grueling TWO DAYS (haha) of not being able to wear heels at work due to the catastrophe that was still is my toes…these 1.5 inch heeled sandals from DSW…on sale too! lurve.

good thing I shaved my legs! 🙂

anyone wearing anything fun today? What’s your go-to color? Mine is usually PINK or BLACK (clothing-wise), but my go-to color for jewelry is GOLD.

hearts and hugs,



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