little bunny foo foo…

Easter is rapidly approaching, which means I’m about to go into a self-induced sugar coma from all those malted candy eggs…you know the ones I’m talking about? Oh deliciousness. How I love you 🙂


 When it comes to the commercial side of things, I’ve always considered Easter to be a B list holiday. In my opinion, there are the A-listers (Christmas, Thanksgiving, my birthday :)), the B-listers (Easter, Halloween, Fourth of July), the C-listers (Saint Patty’s Day, Valentines Day), and then the ones where you might get a day off from work, but generally don’t really do anything special (Labor Day, MLK Day, President’s Day). Back in the day, Easter was a bit higher on the scale due to the monumental tradition of the Easter Dress worn while doing the Easter Egg Hunt. Those two things combined upped the status factor for a while, but as I got older, and as it got weirder for me to partake in hunting eggs in my poofy dress and white tights, well, Easter got pushed to the B list.

Nowadays, I’m bringing back the Easter Dress and all that frou frou and hoopla that was lost in my teenage “I’m too cool for this” years. My family is actually going to bring back the tradition of the egg hunt as well. So, if you can, just picture a bunch of almost 30 year old “children” running around my parent’s backyard frantically searching for plastic eggs…Oh, and I WILL be wearing white tights. Heck to the yes. I’d also like to stock up on malted candy eggs, Cadbury chocolates, and white chocolate bunnies. I really only eat the malted eggs, but I’m a sucker for seasonal candy, so the others are gonna get thrown in the basket too!!

My Easter Dress choices this year? Well, they may not be as cool as previous years, but here are some options…

luminous lace!

pretty in pink!

flirty floral!

So, while my Easter egg hunting days may be coming to a close, at least I’m going to be lookin’ fly as the years go by :). So, for now, I’ll sigh, pop another malted egg into my mouth, and simply wait for the day when I have a baby of my own to pass on the crazy egg-cellent traditions (bah bum CHING!)…And hey, I’ve still got those white tights!

PS: got any Easter traditions? Brunch is a big one in my family! French toast, pancakes, eggs, bacon…the works!  🙂

hearts and hugs,




  1. I love the flirty floral dress. It is super cute.

  2. oh I’m a sucker for anything with lace on it! that dress is beautiful! however… if you are participating in an egg hunt and white tights are involved… I would recommend a more floral option, possibly even purchased with a bonnet already attached 😉

  3. oooooo…pretty floral 🙂 I just discoverd and blogged about Monsoon yesterday..too funny!

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