say what???

In the past month or so, I’ve gotten several comments from people (some strangers, some acquaintances) saying my hair looks, well….like a wig.


my hair today...fake-ishly real

Not really sure how to respond, I usually chuckle and say something to the sort of, “well, thanks? Maybe because my hair is so thick?…mumble mumble mumble. Awkward pause. Sigh.”

Of course, this isn’t the only time in my life where I’ve received comments like this. Others have included:

“You know, you are a lot smarter than you look!”

“You look so tired!”

“You sound horrible! Are you sick?”

“I used to think you were a b—-, but now that I know you, I don’t think that!”

Another form of that was, “God, I hated you when we were younger!” (apparently I was a may-jah diva back in the day!)

Comments like these are tricky. On the one hand, you want to slap the person who just made them, but then, on closer inspection, you realize…wait…is there a compliment way down in the depths of that statement? Oh yes! okay, I see it now! So, you retract your b—- slapping hand, paste on a smile, and say, “uhh, thanks?”. 🙂

I mean, how DO you respond to comments like those?

I know I’ve been guilty of the, “you look tired, are you alright?”

oops. 🙂

Has anyone ever given you a back-handed compliment before?

hearts and hugs,




  1. what a gorgeous picture! (what app do you use for that it looks so cool) that’s funny about peoplethinking it’s a wig! probably because it’s short, thick, and shiny! nothing wrong with having hair so perfect it looks fake!
    i’ve gotten the, are you sick or you look tired? on days where i wear a little less makeup. definitely awkward!

    • (blushing) why thank you!! 🙂 you are too kind!

      the app is on my iPhone, it’s called Instagram…you can take pics and then format them in all different ways…it’s really cool! check it out if you have an iphone….

      that’s funny about the makeup thing, i’ve gotten that too!

  2. back handed compliments are the worst I would so much rather just a straight up insult!

    your hair looks wonderfully mod! 🙂

    • why thank you! and yes, I agree…I say don’t sugar coat the insults! Its like saying “Just kidding’ right after you say something mean 😦 booooo!


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