family ties…

Unfortunately for you (or me? not sure….) I am NOT talking about the epic television show that aired from 1982-1989. Sadly, this won’t be a post about the wonderful qualities of Michael J. Fox and his beautiful hair.

Instead, I am going to share a bit of my OWN family! Specifically: my uh-mazing SIL (sister-in-law) and her absolutely wonderful Etsy shop: I Live to Create.

Created by Michelle Davis (the afformentioned uh-mazing SIL), I Live to Create gives a unique, vintage-style twist on jewelry. Her pieces are soft with an edge, bold, yet not overbearing, sweet, with just a touch of sass ;). I own quite a few of her pieces, which makes very lucky, as she only makes a limited amount of each piece. Therefore, I have the sweet satisfaction of knowing I won’t be seeing my accessories imitated by every other woman on the street. It was made for ME with love :).

Mish (as she is lovingly known as) has also started a line of cards, transferring her natural talent for graphic design into greeting cards that speak to what people really say. Instead of elaborately written poems, she states things like, “I’m thinking about you, maybe a little too much”, or “Seriously, thank you”. Quirky phrases that can be understood! What’s not to love?

Below are some of my favorite pieces from her recent collection:

**Note, items change, frequently, and pieces are limited…that’s what makes it so special!**

anchored necklace

cinnabar flower earrings

greeting cards

thinking of you...

vintage heart necklace

Just another reason why I love Etsy…bringing together handmade crafts with people who have a love for the unique. Lurve.

So go check out the site, it’s a winner! (and not the Charlie Sheen kind… :)).

hearts and hugs,




  1. Thanks for the shoutout, Belle Bottoms. Love it! Here’s a direct link to my etsy shop for those who enjoy the pieces as well:

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