my not-so barbie dream home…

Driving through neighborhoods, oohing and ahhing at beautiful homes. Walking through unfinished houses, deciding which slab of concrete would be your future bedroom. Going to open houses not for buying purposes, but solely for the chance to take a look into someone elses’ life, and see if they decorate better than you do. Oh, and the free food 🙂

C’mon, we’ve all done this….right? If not, then well, you must have a pretty awesome crib. 😉

I’m still in the stage of life called “Keep Dreaming…” It’s the stage where the child-like aspirations meet the adult reality of budgeting. It’s the stage where your mind screams, “I WANT IT NOW!” but your mouth says, “Well, I just purchased new health insurance, and I’m still paying off school loans…I’ll have to pass.” Lame.

Today, though, I’m going to let my mind do the talking, and show you some of the aspirations I have for my future dream home:

**Please note, any future husband is just going to have to grin and bear it when it comes to my bedroom….This girl’s love for pink runs deep :)…I kid, I kid….but seriously. There will be pink. Somewhere.**





I call it….cottage chic 🙂 It’s simple, with a touch of elegance, all the while holding on to a southern charm…After all, I may be born of Yankee blood, but I’ve got southern roots!!

What is YOUR ideal home decorating style??

hearts and hugs,




  1. I love the new background! These homes are beautiful! Someday… We just got our first dream home (read: condo), and now that we are all moved in I am trying to figure out ways to decorate it. Now that we’ve got all the neccessary basics I want to decorate on a budget with vintage and DIY style with a splash of Ikea. Project is still in planning phase, so I love spending hours of inpiration browsing online!

    • hey thanks! I wanted something a little more vintage-y with the look…I’m sure I’ll change and tweak later on….

      yeah, I love vintage looks, and unique finds…I’m sure once I get my dream home (read: small bungalow :)) I’ll really start to get down to business on decor….but for now, my place is more….eclectic 🙂 haha

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