love is…

…in the smile from a baby

Aven Bong…the cutest thing EVER!

…in a hot cup of coffee at an outdoor cafe

perfecting my Zoolander face 🙂

…in an outfit that makes you feel spectacular

a bride for a day...Denton Bridal Show


…in a leisurely dinner with friends

…in hugging your family, and meaning it

father dearest and the sis 🙂

…in travelling to a new destination

what is love to you?

hearts and hugs,




  1. I like the idea of a love is post and agree with so many of yours. I would also add coming home to a wagging tail and slipping into a bed with fresh sheets after a long day.

    • I wish I still had the wagging tail at home! I miss having pets! And your fresh sheets one reminded me of another…

      love is snuggling on the couch under a pile of warm laundry…I used to do this all the time as a little girl!! 🙂

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