things i’m lovin’….

Oof! This weekend was a kicker, that’s for sure! On top of the normal social activities I partook in, I ran my first “official” half marathon on Sunday. I say “official” because I’ve run 13.1 miles before (and more!), but never in an actual race. It was such an experience, and one I will most definitely be repeating! The runner’s high alone is enough to send me back for more 🙂

(My official time was 1:54 – 2108 out of 10,969 overall)

To kick start the week, I wanted to share a few of the things I’m loving right now (since we all know that my fickle mind changes from week to week :)…to quote my dear friend Heidi Klum (ha), “one minute you’re in, the next…you’re out”….words to the wise people!)

So, here are some things I’m soooo into right now:

Free samples: Yes, you heard right….I’ve got a love affair goin’ on with the freebies. From handouts at the grocery store to free smells at Jimmy Johns (I’m only slightly kidding with this one!), I love scoring the samples! As a child, my family used to shop at Sam’s Club, since buying in bulk was more economical with all the kids at home. On Saturdays, the store would have numerous vendors hawking taste testers of their brands. The freebie frenzy usually ended up being “lunch”, as my siblings and I would race from cart to cart, stocking up on the mini-fied merchandise. It was glorious…and cheap!!

White wine: Coming from a family of red lovers, this could sound a bit sacrilege, but to me, on a hot day in Texas, sometimes a glass of white is just what the doctor ordered (well, maybe not an accredited doctor! ha)! Some favorites? Sauvignon Blanc, and, in the spirit of Liz Lemmon, some of that “Pee-not greeg-joe”. 🙂 Lurve.

Platforms: And no, not the kind that politicians sway in a political race, but the footwear kind 🙂 I’m an average height (5’7″), so I don’t need to add much more height with my shoes, and yet, on a normal workday, I’m usually 6′ or heigher with my heels on! I love being heads above the crowd, so my motto, when it comes to shoes, is “the higher the heel, the closer to God!” (haha yes, I know it should be, “the higher the HAIR…”, but I’ve never been one for the “poof”). Yes it might be a little dangerous, but the views from up here are breathtaking! 😉

call me love!

Brunch: I love breakfast…I always have. There is something comforting about fluffy pancakes, eggs and toast, COFFEE, maple syrup….I could go on, but I’m starting to drool, and that is just not attractive here at work (at home? well, that’s another story….)! I love breakfast so much that I get pumped when I’m allowed to incorporate it at other meals. Brunch? Yes please! Breakfast at dinner? Oh lordy, I’m in heaven! If eating french toast at 7pm is wrong…then I don’t ever want to be right!

who doesn't love a happy feast??


What are some things YOU are lovin’ right now??

hearts and hugs,




  1. I am always in heels too, but I need them more at my 5’3.5″ height. I feel like it helps me be taken more seriously. The days I wear flats, I get at least 3 “are you shorter today” comments. My favorite quote is: “the lower i feel, the higher the heel” 🙂

    • Oh my goodness, I LOVE that quote! too funny!

      oh, and on the days I wear flats at work (or when I’m without a hair accessory), I get so many, “are you feeling okay? what’s the matter?”

      seriously! it’s nuts….

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