spotlight! FOOOOOOD…

I know, I know. I haven’t exactly talked much about food and cooking on this blog, mostly because, well….I don’t cook. However, I DO come from a family of foodies, and thus I am exposed to the love of all things food quite often. It’s pretty ironic actually. You see, I love to venture out to new restaurants, I love to try new foods (the spicier the better!). I love to sit at a table with friends and enjoy a long, leisurely dinner. And yet, in college, I used my stove as extra storage for my precious shoes….yup, you heard right….I was cooking another kind of sole 🙂 (bah bum CHING!)

So, even though at times my appliances are otherwise occupied with platforms and strappy sandals, and even though I have yet to use my new cast iron skillet (free sample, wahoo!), I still love reading about, hearing about, and of course, tasting new foods.

Over the years, I’ve developed an increasingly great love for healthy foods. Call me crazy, but I’d take a tofu and sprouts sandwich over a plain turkey and cheese any day! I could eat fruit all day long, I dominate the veggie platter at any bridal or baby shower, and I’m pretty sure if I eat any more eggs, I just might give birth to a chicken….:)

I know that quinoa is pronounced keen-wah, and Fage greek yogurt is pronounced fah-hey. I’ve made my own almond butter and hummus (you don’t need an oven for those), and put spinach in my smoothies….To me, it’s actually easy being green! 🙂

It doesn’t help (or hurt?) that I’ve got Italian/Polish blood in my veins. In my family, food is not something you eat 3 times a day. It is something that you enjoy, as a family, throughout the day. My great grandmothers would spend alllll day in the kitchen, preparing food, improving upon recipes, perfecting their craft. Food is love, and therefore, must be nurtured and taken care of. There is no “slapping together” a meal. The preparation is just as important as the eating. This mindset comes from our European heritage. Overseas, there is less of a fast food mentality, and more of a slow food concept. Dinners can sometimes last hours, each course eaten slowly in order to bring out the true nature of the dish. It’s not just about the food, though. The company that is enjoyed at the table is equally as important. People talk, they laugh, they discuss. The eating of the food is the catalyst of the discussion.

So, in order to provide you with a tasty catalyst for your own dinner-time discussions (or lunchtime, BRUNCHtime, etc), here are some recipes that I’ve come across recently that are delectably delicious!


Breakfast tacos  (courtesy of Kath Eats)

Pancake Truffles  (courtesy of Healthy Tipping Point)

Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes  (courtesy of Oh She Glows)


Three Bean Pantry Salad  (courtesy of Daily Garnish)

In a Jiffy Spelt Veggie Burgers  (courtesy of Oh She Glows)

BBQ Chicken Crazy Crust Pizza  (courtesy of Heather’s Dish)


Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili  (courtesy of The Fitnessista)

Salmon with Peach-Mustard Glaze (courtesy of Runner’s Kitchen)

Warm and Cheesy Gnocchi Salad  (courtesy of Sandra’s Easy Cooking…via Lofty Appetite)


Pumpking Whoopie Pies  (courtesy of Eat Live Run)

Homemade Peppermint Patties  (courtesy of Eat Live Run)

Blueberry Lemon Cake  (courtesy of Heather’s Dish)

so, what are you waiting for? Grab some friends, pull up some chairs around the kitchen island, and get cooking!

happy eating 🙂

hearts and hugs,




  1. The pancakes pic is awesome!!

  2. your post reminded me it’s lunchtime! i wish my tuna sandwich could turn into those strawberry shortcake pancakes… and thanks for reminding me, i need to try making that gnocchi salad!

  3. Recipe Chefs says:

    I love food, and I really enjoy reading your blog very much thank you for sharing this post. Feel free to check out our recipes

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  4. Glad you liked the salmon recipe! Omega-3’s for the win 🙂

    • hey thanks! PS: love your blog!

      and hey, just ran my first “official” half marathon yesterday! i can see what all the hype is about now! it was a blast!

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