trivia tuesday!

Before I started the blog, I wrote weekly emails to my roommates, each one with a theme. During one period of time, the emails were: Trivia Tuesday, What UP? Wednesday, and Thankful Thursday. Other variations included: What I like about You Wednesday, Trip Down Memory Lane Tuesday, and Fun Fact Friday. The emails started as a way for me to keep connected with my roommates, since we all had such different schedules and were never able to see each other. Then, the emails slowly turned into a fun stress-relieving outlet for me. I loved coming up with the themes, and trying to keep each email new and different was a great challenge. Today, I want to revisit Trivia Tuesday, with some fun facts about the great state I live in: Texas!! Just like I am proud to be an American (cue the flag blowing in the background), I am also proud to be a Texan! I was born in raised in this state, and although I have Yankee parents (Joisey and New Yawk 🙂 ), I am a true Texan. So, what is it about Texas that makes it so great? Well, let’s start with some of the fantastic towns that make up the Lone Star State:


State nickname: The Lone Star State

State Capital: Austin

State Bird: Mockingbird

State Motto: Friendship

State Tree: Pecan

Date entered the Union: December 29, 1845

State #: 28

 Food Towns:

Bacon, Texas

Noodle, Texas

Oatmeal, Texas

Turkey, Texas

Salty, Texas

Delightful sounding towns:

Happy, Texas

Smiley, Texas

Paradise, Texas

Sweet Home, Texas

and the just plain weird towns:

Kermit, Texas

Elmo, Texas

Tarzan, Texas

Frognot, Texas

Veribest, Texas

Twitty, Texas

Kickapoo, Texas

Hoop and Holler, Texas

Now for the random facts:

El Paso is closer to California than Dallas

King Ranch, in South Texas, is larger than Rhode Island

A live Oak tree in Fulton is estimated to be 1500 years old

The name Texas comes from the Hasini Indian word meaning “friends”. Tejas is not Spanish for Texas 🙂

The state food is chili

The deadliest natural disaster in US History was the Galveston hurricane in 1900

Dumb laws in Texas:

It is illegal to see one’s eye

A program has been created in the state to control the weather

It is illegal to dust any public building with a feather duster

Collegiate football is banned at Lamar University

It is illegal to shoot a buffalo from the second story of a hotel

It is also illegal to take more than 3 sips of beer at a time while standing

oh…and you can’t milk another person’s cow 🙂

So, how about a visit to Texas? We’ll treat ya real nice 😉

and we DO love those mama jokes! 🙂

oh, and what are some weird facts about YOUR state??

hearts and hugs,




  1. I went to Texas for the first time for a work trip last year. It felt like I left the country and was experiencing a completely differnent culture. Everything is bigger, and people were so absurdly friendly! It was definitely fun to visit, but I’ve never felt like such a foreigner/tourist within the U.S. before!

    • haha yeah, it really IS like a different country! I mean, we are big enough!!

      I feel like a tourist when I’ve gone up to the Northern part of the country….I’m so much more familiar with the Northeast or the Southeast…..

      but the middle of the country?? yup, that is a WHOLE other story!!

  2. Yeah I haven’t spent too much time in the middle, or north like Montana I hear is much different too. I’m a total Yankee and think it’s normal that strangers aren’t supposed to interact or be nice to each other. haha. so sad!

    • haha oh I know! I’ll come home from visiting my family and when I get to a grocery store, and the checkout clerk actually looks at me, I get paranoid!! haha


  1. […] So although I may not really believe in my zodiac, it still is fun to read what they have to say…They remind me of mini personality quizzes…and I love me some trivia!! […]

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