never have i ever….

last weekend I did a little bit of this:

stick em’ up!
and this:
look at those guns! 🙂
Needless to say, it was a day I never thought I would be part of 🙂
I’m not a country girl (I’m wearing fuzzy earmuffs as ear protection..I mean, c’mon…), none of my family lives in the country, and I haven’t been camping in ages (something I’m actually doing this weekend! ahhhhh!)
It’s not that I don’t like the country, I just prefer to be amongst people…and buildings….Plus, when the ratio of sheep to people starts to turn in favor of the former, I begin to worry (just google the movie trailer for Black Sheep…and beware if you have a weak stomach!!).
Anyways, this weekend got me thinking about other things that I haven’t done, which got me thinking about the game, “Never have I ever”. You know, the one you play at college Orientation, summer camp, or practically ANY girl’s sleepover (it goes between braiding each other’s hair, and watching any movie with Matthew McConaughey 🙂 ).
oww OW!
“Never have I Ever” is typically played by getting a group of people in a circle, and one by one, each person tells a “Never have I ever (fill in the blank)”. If someone HAS done that certain thing, they get up and change places with someone else in the circle who has also done that same thing. If you are the only one who has done that particular deed, then you automatically get put in the middle to give YOUR “never have I ever…”. If there is an odd number of people who are switching places, then the last person to find a seat is the person stuck in the middle. Make sense? No? Oh well…we’re going to play anyways 🙂
Here are some of my “Nevers”
Never Have I Ever….
 – Been on a cruise
 – Failed a class in school
 – Ridden on a motorcycle
 – Pierced anything besides my ears
 – eaten chicken and waffles
 – been snowboarding
 – gone fishing and caught something 🙂
 – smoked a pipe
 – lived in a place for longer than 2 years (after high school)
 – had a cast (I wore a back brace for my broken back)
 – seen a double rainbow (I hear they’re so intense 🙂 )
 – been to a kareoke bar
 – drank a beer that I liked
 – met a bottle of rum I HAVEN’T liked (don’t worry, I’m not an alchoholic!!)
 – gone sailing
what are some of YOUR “Never have I ever’s”?
hearts and hugs,


  1. AnonymousLenard says:

    Most of these are also “Never will I ever”
    Never have I ever:

    – Maintained a blog
    – drunk alcohol
    – Read a Harry Potter or Twilight book
    – Owned an Apple product
    – Bungee jumped
    – sky dived (dove?)…been sky diving
    – been to Boston in the fall (bonus points for the reference)
    – been scuba diving
    – had stitches
    – had a long walk on the beach

  2. Well we definitely need to fix the chicken and waffles thing fast. Quintin made a believer out of me!


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