things i’m loving…

my blend (blog friend) over at Lofty Appetite posted some things she is loving today, and I thought I’d jump on board that fun train, and post some of my own favs for the week….

TV Show: Raising Hope

I was introduced to the show by my sis and bro-in-law, and am hooked! We watched almost the entire series (that has aired so far) in one weekend. This single camera comedy series details the life of a lower-income family struggling to raise a child brought into the world by the son’s one-night stand with a serial killer (I know, sounds crazy….). This show is absolutely hilarious, though, and full of clever one-liners. It also doesn’t hurt that Cloris Leachman plays the cooky, Alzheimer’s inflicted great-grandmother!

Song: Sun of a Gun by Oh Land

This Danish ex-ballerina is just full of spunk and I’m adoring her electro-pop sound. It’s quirky and fun, and this song makes me want to dance every time I hear it!

Food: An “everything but the kitchen sink” salad

Basically, I dump anything and everything from my fridge into a bowl, and call it a salad! Example: a recent salad included: lettuce, olives, cauliflower, mushrooms, egg beaters, brussels sprouts, kidney beans and tofu. It’s delicious!! 🙂

Accessory: silk scarves

I’ve tied a scarf in my hair almost every day this past week, and love how it adds a retro touch to my look! I’ve been blessed with a large scarf collection passed to me by my grandmother, so the choices are endless 🙂

Drink: diet coke with a splash of Strawberry/Orange/Banana Crystal Light

Two words: HOLY YUM 🙂

what are some of YOUR favorites today??

hearts and hugs,




  1. Yaay, thanks for the shoutout! I have heard some great things about Raising Hope but haven’t watched an episode yet. Maybe I can catch it on my new weekend tv marathon obsession, Netflix.

    • is netflix good? i’ve always thought about trying it!!

      • yesss its amazing! at first the streaming seemed like all bad movies, but after a few rainy weekends of exploring the options. there’s some awesome tv shows, indie films, documentary, foreign, and classic old movies! for the new movies we do one mailed dvd at a time. no need to ever redbox again. i’m sure i will be blogging about it one of these days cuz i’m newly obsessed.

    • okay, i’m going to have to try it….i’ve put it off for a while, but i know i would use it! thanks!

  2. AnonymousLenard says:

    TV Show: Parks and Recreation. I identify with Ron Swanson

    Song: PDA by Interpol

    Food: Coconut chicken tenders at Studio Movie Grill. I actually asked them last night if I could get some blended into a smoothie. They wouldn’t do it.

    Accessory: N/A

    Drink: Dr. Pepper. Always.

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