i’m lovin’ it!

One thing that I am totally in love with regarding the internet is that you can find a recommendation for just about ANYTHING! Now, this may not always be a good thing (best site for mail order brides, where to get a good taxidermist, how to pop a pimple….I’m just sayin’….), but in general, the mecca that is the inter-web has made my life so much easier regarding finding the best movies, music, clothing, etc. Anything you would want to know is right there with the click of a button! However, this process isn’t always easy. I mean, how do you even FIND the search engines to search for things? Where are the good sites for locating bargains? How do I know what is legit, and what is the opinion of some 12 year old pre-pubescent man-child prodigy computer programmer with too much time on his hands? Does anyone have a soap box? No? Okay fine, we will deal with that another day…..

I’ve come to rely on some of my favorite blogs for advice/opinions/soap box rants when it comes to products or services that might interest me. I tend to stick to the people who I know, the sites that I trust. But again, how do I KNOW that I can trust them? Trust, and time, and flexibility….I’ve got to test out the advice, I’ve got to trust that these people are speaking the truth, and I’ve got to realize that I may not see the entire benefit of said product/service right away…I mean, take Groupon for instance. After hearing about the site from Tina on her blog, I decided to check it out. I subscribed to the site in order to receive the deals via email, and week by week I would open my inbox only to see a deal for something that I could care less about. Carriage ride through downtown? Um, with me and what boy? Golf lessons at a driving range for $150 bucks? Yeah, I can see TWO issues with this one! Needless to say, I was starting to get a bit frustrated with the site, when BLAM-OH! A deal was found! $10 dollars for a $25 dollar Barnes and Nobles card. Yes! Cheap, AND something I would use!! Groupon had won me. All of a sudden, deals weren’t so bad. I was seeing the site with new eyes….and all it took were three words: Barnes and Noble. You see, you might not always find a gem right away. Some sites, like Amazon and Ebay, are gold mines. Deals and steals are the name of the game. Other sites, like my precious ModCloth, may be just out of your price range for an everyday buy, so instead of snagging a bunch of scores, you wait patiently for the one that you can afford (um, hellllllooooo gray ballerina skirt for $17.99!!!).

I want to share a few of the sites that have made my life a little easier (and a lot more fun)….

Site: D Magazine

Good for: Restaurant reviews, Bar/Lounge suggestions, shopping hot spots in the DFW area.

Why I like it: It doesn’t focus on one extreme or the other. Yes, it details some high-class restaurants, shopping, etc., but it also gives you the scoop on some hole in the wall dives, cheap bargain hunting tips, and much more. Plus, it’s a great way to keep up with the goings on in my hometown!

Site: Lucky Magazine

Good for: shopping, beauty tips & tricks, how-to advice, and more!

Why I like it: Unlike their fellow editors over at Vogue and Elle, Lucky gives their readers a more obtainable selection of goods. Although they DO show off the latest $1400 pair of Loubutins, they also specialize in deals and steals, like where to find the best pair of jeans for under $100. Their shopping guide is large and diverse, and a great way to find online goodies! It’s no wonder why the web header states, “The online source for shopping and style”.

Site: Running Warehouse

Good for: Anyone who exercises!

Why I like it: Four words: Two Day Free Shipping. May-jah plus 🙂 It doesn’t hurt that they also carry all the best brands at a discounted price! I recently bought a pair of hot pink Saucony running shoes, and love them!


 The delivery was speedy, and when I needed a larger size, their customer service team was extremely cordial and happy to help with my exchange.

Site: Chow Baby

Good for: Restaurant picks

Why I like it: You can search for all types of restaurants from their wide selection of search options. Whether you search by Metro area or cuisine type, you are bound to find a place you’ll enjoy! The site also highlights catering businesses, wineries, and even has a glossary of terms from cooking to cigars!

Site: Asos

Good for: shopping addicts and the occasional spender 🙂

Why I like it: See above….another good reason? Free shipping!! The site is a gold mine for women AND men, offering on-trend styles for affordable prices. Based out of the UK, you’ll notice that there is a conversion option for the British pound, but don’t be alarmed, you can still buy with your dollar! 😉 Their clearance section is fantastic, and I’ve already been a frequent visitor to this site!

a recent purchase...knuckle rings!


So whether you are looking for some good fun, or good fashion, these sites are just a taste of what is out there. There isn’t enough time or space in this post to really highlight all of my fav’s, so I’ll leave you with another tip: GOOGLE! 🙂 Seriously, there’s a reason this search engine is so powerful….it works!

love it.

hearts and hugs,




  1. I don’t buy, bake, or go anywhere without reading online reviews first! I love how the internet has allowed people that will probably never ever meet help each other out and share experiences. It’s wonderful! Thanks for the list of deal sites! I will have to check them out.

    • oh I know! I’m pretty sure the only thing that I don’t look up first is a movie review, because I’m usually pretty easy (that sounded bad) when it comes to movies!

      everything else though is looked up first!!

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