little did you know…

Hey-yo! I hope you all are having a fabulous hump day 🙂 I know that the middle of the week is always the hardest for me. I’m caught between the initial shock of the Monday madness and the intense yearning for the weekend relaxation! It’s an internal tug-o-war, I tell ya!

In order to add a bit of humor to this otherwise dreary day, here’s some more fun facts for your mind to chomp on!

1. My friends and I used to suntan on the football field after soccer practice in high school.

2. I spend a day every weekend at Barnes (Barnes and Noble) reading magazines. I get the same coffee drink every time. It’s my own personal Cheers, where everybody knows my name 🙂

3. I don’t like shopping with other people. I consider it a solitary sport. The only exception is if I’m shopping FOR them.

4. I mimic a hiccup when I hear someone else hiccup.

5. I make a high-pitched squeak after I sneeze.

6. Sometimes I make a list just to see it on paper, then immediately throw it away.

7. I can’t cross my eyes.

8. I call perfumes or spritzes “smelly good sprays”.

9. I also call horses “horsies”.

10. I love bookstores but dislike the library. It’s too quiet and there are too many rules.

11. I’m a major dog lover, but am actually a little bit scared around big dogs. I don’t like when they jump on me.

12. I hate bumper cars. They bring out the worst in people…all that smashing around…

13. I don’t like attending baby and wedding showers. (ladies, don’t hate me!!)

14. I get really sad at the ending of book series, movie series, etc. I feel like a part of me is ending as well.

15. I yawn when I’m nervous. I also pick at my lip or my nails.

16. Most nights I still jump into my bed in case there is something (or someone) underneath.

17. I’ve peed in front of my entire family. In a moving vehicle.

18. I’m very self-conscious about the way I talk. I think I have a weird voice.

19. I don’t like greeting cards because I never know how long I need to keep one after I receive it.

20. I wish Santa Claus were real.

Don’t worry….more to come! 🙂 tee hee hee…..

hearts and hugs,




  1. 14. I’m exactly the same. I could list dozens of books/movies that have become part of me. But then I’d take that list and add it to my other lists. Then I’d make a list of all my lists and organize them quite specifically.

    Also, I yell when I sneeze. My husband pointed that out.

    I don’t like to shop unless I’m with a friend.

    Bumper cars are for idiots.

    • you do make lists…a lot! 🙂
      and the sneezing thing, yeah, it’s pretty loud! love it….
      thanks for the agreeance on the bumper cars, i mean, seriously people!!

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