trouble in the tank…

I got to spend some time in Austin this weekend with my sister and bro-in-law. Time spent with those two is always precious. I love the fact that we can be silly and immature one minute, and the next, have a good quality conversation about what’s going on in our lives. Case in point:

**Warning: bodily functions are going to be described in this convo….not for the faint of heart! 🙂 **

Pam and I are in the car, having a good conversation about life, when all of a sudden….

Becca – Ohhh geez, I’ve got to go shoo shoo! (that is our word for #2….and yes, I totally realize that I’m embarrassing myself horribly, but this convo was just too funny to save face!)

Pam – Oh my goodness, you’re weird.

Becca – Aiiiii! It just hit me like a punch in the stomach! You’re gonna have to carry me to a trailer home! Quick, where’s Hugh Grant? Sandra!!!

Pam – NO! I’m not carrying you! Shut up!

Becca – Aughhhhh…..

(Pam starts to change the subject, talking about the buildings we are passing)

(Passing through Lavaca Street)

Becca – Oh Lavaca….I’ve got to caca!….. Oooh! What’s that? (I point to a group of people running)

Pam – Oh that’s a tour group thing that does scavenger hunts throughout the city. You partner with someone and have to find things all over the city. It’s really cool.

Becca – Oh that’s fun! I want to do something like that! Run, people run!

(We both sigh and watch the pairs scatter about the city on their scavenger hunt)

(Passing through Guadalupe Street)

Becca – Guadalupe…I’ve got to POOP-AY!

(Passing through Nueces)

Pam – Nueces…you’ve got feces!!

Pam – Rio Grande! You’ve…ehh, umm, err…..

Both – Okay, we’re done…..

(laughing is outrageously out of control at this point..)

Becca – Okay, so where are we going to go eat?

I love sister conversations. They’re the best.

hearts and hugs,




  1. you ladies are cray cray and that’s why i love you both so very much. xo

  2. Booter,

    Yes, we are TOTALLY CRAZY…and I’m glad we can be that way together!


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