little did you know…

hey-yoooo! Okay, it’s only Tuesday, but my body is so worn down from moving this weekend that it feels like I’ve already been subjected to an entire work week all rolled into one day. Ick. Thankfully it will be a short week as I am travelling down to Austin this weekend to spend some much needed time with my sissy booter Pam and her hub hub John. And yes, I did indeed just call her my sissy booter. In order to explain the nicknames in my family, I’d need to write an entirely new post…hmmmm…..(cue quizzical mind grape action) (sidenote: 50 points and a big hug to whoever can guess where the “mind grapes” phrase came from!!) 🙂

who dat?

Moving right along….I felt it was time to give another little glimpse into my quirks by providing you with a second installment of my “little did you know series”… without further ado, here are some more grapes for your mind to chew on 🙂 (seriously…I am just plain crazy today!)

 –  I once stole a grocery cart from Target.
 – I also used to have a whole bunch of trays from Wendy’s in the back of my car in High school. We would sled on them when it snowed.
 – I’ve eaten an entire stack of paper on a dare before. I’m pretty sure I threw most of it up.
 – I once pulled off an entire wall of tiles in my high school. By myself. The next day that hallway was under construction. I wonder why….
 – I dream of living on the beach. I wish I lived on the beach now. It is one of the few places I am truly happy.
 – I love the World War eras.
 –  My feet and hands are always cold. Always.
 – I used to be terrified of thunderstorms, and would cry because I thought my dad wouldn’t make it home from work. Now, I love thunderstorms.
 – I once had a bloody nose that lasted for 12 hours.
 – I’ve been stung by a bee on my butt. I sat on it.
 – I was head butted in soccer practice once and had my two front teeth knocked back into my mouth. They had to be reset, and now one is slightly lower than the other.
 –  When I’m concentrating, my mouth starts to form an “O”.
hearts and hugs,


  1. Missi stovall says:

    You’re killing me here!!!! You absolutely crack me up…I love who you are!

    Now I know where to go when the girls want to sled down out driveway….Wendy’s!!! And really??? A whole stack of paper????

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