spotlight! Florence, Italy (parte uno)

If you couldn’t already tell, a love for travelling runs deep in my veins. There is something about a new city (or a familiar haunt) that sends me into a tizzy of excitement. The sights, the smells, the sounds, the people….I can’t get enough! The world is a truly an amazing place. To think of all the cultures, the traditions, the food, the CLOTHING, etc. that makes up the DNA of our planet, it blows my mind. Our world is a masterpiece, and when I travel, I’m exposing myself to yet another small glimpse of the artwork. My senior year of college I was given the opportunity to study abroad. The desire to go abroad started back in middle school, when I began to learn about other countries in World History. It fascinated me to think that there were so many other cultures different from my own. Someone, somewhere, was living a life that was completely opposite to my own. I was always taught by my parents to be open-minded, to accept others who were different from me. This mindset was a key component in fertilizing my desire to expand my horizons. I wanted to get to know these “other” people. I wanted to walk in their shoes, to experience their culture.

Needless to say, when the opportunity presented itself 10 years later to move overseas, I jumped at the chance. Then, the questions came. Where should I go? What should I study? How long should I go for? Where will I get the money?

Luckily for me, those questions were answered rather easily. Where should I go? I narrowed it down to two places: Australia or Italy. Australia was a choice mainly for the fact that English is the native language. Another plus was the gorgeous landscape and beautiful beaches. Italy was added to the list for a few reasons. One, I am Italian on my mother’s side, and two, I was taking the language at my university. A third reason was the culture. I had always admired the Italians’ zest for life, and wanted to experience it firsthand.

In the end, Italy won. My aspiration to become fluent in another language as well as my curiousity with my heritage took precedence over beaches and surfer boys 🙂

The other questions were also answered quickly. What should I study? The language! I had completed the majority of my coursework already, so all that remained of my degree were “extras”. I was fortunate to have the ability to study whatever my heart desired. Bliss.

How long should I go for? Another easy decision. I only had one semester remaining in my degree. Done and done.

Where would I get the money? Ahhhh, another blessing from the Lord! Due to the fact that the first few years were paid for by my academic and athletic scholarships, my parents (because who am I kidding, I didn’t pay for it!!) were fortunate to not have to take out loans until I studied abroad. Thus, an easy application for a loan was drawn up, and VOILA! Money in my pocket my parents’ pocket. 🙂

My time in Italy was precious. It expanded my mind, tested my boundaries, fueled my passion for travel, and broke down many fears. It was, by far, one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It is also a topic that can not be discussed in one post. Well, unless “post” now means “novel”. 🙂

Therefore, I am going to leave you with a few pictures for now, and continue telling my tale another day….So, as I say to my friends, “Ci Vediamo”, which simply means, “We’ll see each other later”!

the bridge I crossed to school every day

un palazzo


view from the ponte vecchio at sunset

my school....Florence University of the Arts

me and my roomies 🙂


hearts and hugs,




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